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Immasoul, real name Ilse Adriana Mercado Asencio, is an Afro-Mexican singer and songwriter from Chetumal, Mexico. She is looking to expand upon her already impressive fanbase. She may seem new to the game to outside listeners, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Being a dancer her whole life and coming from a family surrounded by art, she would eventually take piano classes, which led her to music school. 

Growing up, she listened to R&B and Caribbean music, which is heavily inspired within her music and can be heard as she developed her sound. She wrote her first song around fourteen and has worked on her craft since. In 2022, Immasoul will be branding herself as a serious artist in the music scene. In case you are wondering, her name means "all I am and ever want to be." This type of authenticity transmutes into her music. 

If you're unfamiliar with her music, tune into her song "Dejarte Ir" to get a better understanding of what she brings to the table. In 2020, she released the song, her most popular release to date, gaining over four-hundred thousand streams on Spotify. Additionally, the music video has over fifteen thousand views on YouTube. The music video uses many vibrant colors that contrast with the song's slow and sentimental feel. Be sure to give it a listen below. 

More recently, in November 2021, released a seven-track EP entitled Natural. You can also hear fellow collaborators Yoss Bones, Neo Sainz, Leo X, and FRANCO on the project. One song that immediately sticks out is "Pegao" with Yoss and Neo. This song is significant because this is one of the first major artists to be featured on one of her songs, with Yoss Bones being a notable artist also hailing from Mexico. 

Diving into her song "Pegao," it contains rounded and smooth elements that make this a fun pop song, inspired with trap elements as well. Her bright and energetic vocals complement the song's lively tempo. All of these attributes lead the listener to feel an uplifting effect. Be sure to tune in if you haven't below! 

Additionally, the track "Vuelvo A Ti" will arise as a song that will be on repeat on her fans' playlists for a long time. The title translates to "I come back to you" for the listeners who do not speak Spanish. The song is a sentimental and sensitive track, and while I am not fluent in Spanish, you can hear the emotion resonating throughout the track in her vocal vibrato and how she carries herself on this song. 

If you're starting to get into international artists, you need to give this EP a listen. Immasoul provides a lot of raw emotion and memorable hooks that appeal to any listener, even if you don't know Spanish. So be sure to tune in to the EP below!


1. What does it mean to you coming from Chetumal? 

It is such a small town in the state of Quintana Roo, which everyone can relate to, because it is where Cancun and Tulum are. Chetumal is the border with Belize, and where you can feel the cultural essence of the Mexican Caribbean with more honesty, it feels more real. There's no much opportunity for artists to develop their work, but I guess I am one of the ones who really went for it, and just kept pushing, Chetumal is a big inspiration for me, you can see it in my visuals, hear it in my music, I have always felt is very different from the rest of Mexico, it has such a rich identity on its own, it is a very special place.

2. How would you describe yourself to a new listener who has never heard you before? 

When you think of Mexico I don't think R&B and Afrobeat will come to your mind, and that's where I come to play a different game than expected. I grew up listening to Lauren hill, TlC, Erykah Badu, The Roots, salsa and Afro Caribbean music, so this rhythms and this soulful vibes, feel natural to me.

I am also from the only part of the country that is part of the Caribbean, and Mexican Afrodescendant from my mother's side. I feel like my personal story has shaped me to be who I am, and my influences to sound this way, I am a hybrid, and I feel the liberty of making this music in my own language and terms, and combine the sounds and the words into what I want to put out there, music gives me the freedom to be who I am, and embrace that.

3. You have a lot of listeners across Mexico and South America. Do you have any plans to make a push the US market? 

I am right now with Empire, which is a record label and distribution company in the US. And although in so many ways I am fitted in the Latin category, I feel like times are changing, more opportunities are coming our way, like kali Uchis for example, and María Isabel. Things can change at any moment. My hope is to keep my distribution and myself as an artist in the US, and try to make my way into this industry, put more music out there, challenge myself, maybe tour at some point over there, those are my current dreams. A "colors" show would be crazy, I think all that can happen, I'm trusting the process and trying to keep as honest as I can be.

4. You wrote your first song when you were just 14 years old. Since then, how do you think you have developed as a singer/songwriter? 

How do you know this? Lol yes I did, and it is in someone's car stock as a tape, we sold that car when I was younger. Someday that song will chase me. I think making music is a muscle, just doing it so much, and working with other composers, and challenging myself constantly, and enjoy it, makes it a habit. It now feels natural, but to be honest I'm always researching ways to get better, and I know I will always keep looking for that new sound. I love my music, but I always feel like that constant wanting to try something else, and keep pushing this creative side of me.

5. You just released Natural and had a great year releasing a handful of singles. Do you have any special plans for 2022? 

Oh yes, 2022 I hope it is a year to remember, every year it just keeps getting better, and also more intense. I hope I can play some festivals, that would be such a good motivation and energy charger, and I wanna start the year with music, I don't think once you get the rhythm it's hard to slow the pace, or maybe I'm just super intense and hyper active. But I loved the experience of putting out an EP, I really want to work on an album, a complete experience. But first I will start with some songs I love and I didn't put out this year. I guess I will be doing what I always do, and will see what happens. My main focus is to enjoy the process, not just do it like a machine, I like to feel that passion.

Be sure to follow Immasoul on all of her social media accounts, which we linked below! 





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