GRIP Talks New Album, Self Growth, and Eminem

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GRIP catches up with Mike Boyd on this week’s Monday To Monday Podcast to discuss his new album, receiving an Eminem cosign, and his proudest moments. Be sure to tune in below!

GRIP, also known as Kyle Clow by friends and family, is from Decatur, Georgia, a city northeast of Atlanta. GRIP and Boyd later go into detail about his first headlining show at Atlanta’s Aisle 5. He goes into further detail to explain that it took all of these years of hard work just to get to this point. 

When speaking on the project GRIP states that his favorite song on the album is “Con Man” because it’s a heartfelt song about personal growth and being able to pinpoint his own personal problems. GRIP also notes that there is a song with Dead Cassettes that is heavily influenced by rock and not hip-hop. 

This is important for GRIP’s career because he is devoting his artistry to displaying his talents and versatility in tandem rather than following mainstream norms. Grip goes on to say that it is so much more at this point in his career to bend different genres. Further stating that not everything has to be hip-hop or trap. Rather, the important thing is just making music you enjoy. 

Nearing the end of the episode, Boyd asks GRIP if there was anything that stood out to him during conversations with Eminem. He stated that you let everything come to you. Furthermore, he went on to explain the story of Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” were once drinking all night and Eminem woke up with blonde hair, which stuck with Eminem from 1999 to 2004. GRIP continues to explain that you have to be yourself and everything will come your way. Finally, he says when it does happen, it will very quickly. 

Be sure to tune in to this episode for a deep dive of what is so special about GRIP! 

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