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There's a hip-hop podcast out there for you. Seriously. Whether you're a golden era hip-hop head or more of a fan of the blog era of the 2010s or trending artists of the moment is more of your thing— there’s a pod for you to tap in with. 

Featuring exclusive interviews, rundowns of buzzing news topics and music commentary, hip-hop podcasts can keep you entertained and up-to-date on all things happening within the culture. Hosts and their select group of guests dive deep into the world of hip-hop music, culture and trending topics, discussing everything from the latest releases to the major business moves being made. 

Some people might not think that podcasts are worth listening to. And, to be fair, there are a lot of bad podcasts out there. However, there are a few that are definitely worth a listen. These podcasts offer something unique and insightful into the world of rap and hip-hop.

Some are hosted by journalists, DJs and legendary rap stars who have had a front row seat to some of the biggest moments in rap music history. By tuning into the right podcast you’ll see how certain pods are helping to take the coverage of hip hop to new heights. 

Here are several of the best hip-hop podcasts out there that you should definitely check out.

Drink Champs

Drink Champs has become a go-to destination for hip-hop OGs and vets to talk about their legacies, while throwing back shots of Ciroc and sipping glasses of Ace of Spade. Every episode, N.O.R.E and DJ EFN sit down with a different rap legend — from artist to executive —and discuss their career, their craft, and what it's like to be a part of the hip-hop community. From Kanye West to Pharrell Williams to Patti LaBelle, the guests that have stopped by the Drink Champs studio have truly been a who's who of hip-hop. What makes the podcast so great is N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s ability to pull back the curtain and unearth firsthand accounts of everything from life in the industry to behind-the-scenes drama from some of music’s most iconic figures.

Rap Radar

Elliott Wilson and his sidekick B. Dot are knowledgeable and engaging hosts and their chemistry with guests is undeniable. YN is an acclaimed journalist, who for years was the Editor-in-Chief of XXL Magazine and is currently the Chief Content Officer for Tidal. The Rap Radar crew really know their stuff, which allows listeners to learn something new with each episode. They're also always up for a good debate, so you never know what heated discussion might break out on the show. The podcast which recently relaunched has in the past featured Drake, Jay-Z and many others. The dynamic duo discuss everything from the music industry to the artistic process to beefs — no topic is off limits.

Caresha Please

Caresha Please is the new pod on the block. Launched earlier this summer, the video podcast is hosted by Yung Miami of the City Girls. Like a ratchet Oprah, Miami takes a more light-hearted approach to discussing hip-hop-related topics with her guests. So far, the REVOLT TV program has featured Diddy, Megan Thee Stallion and Kevin Gates talking about everything from sex to mental health.

Off the Record with DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks has built a name for himself by being one of the most popular and entertaining voices in hip-hop. The unapologetically opinionated personality continues to be unafraid to tackle controversial topics and to call out hypocrisy in the rap world. In addition to his insights on the music industry, Akademiks also offers up some of the best humor in the business. AK breaks down the latest in hip-hop news and gossip, and interviews some of the biggest names in the rap game on Off the Record with DJ Akademiks.

Joe Budden Podcast

Joe Budden brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing on his own experiences as an artist. He's able to provide thoughtful analysis on the latest music and news stories. He's not afraid to speak his mind and is often able to provide insights that other people might miss. In addition, he has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to make fun of himself and others. 


If you're a big fan of hip-hop or if you're just curious about the inner workings of the music business, Trapital is definitely worth a listen. Host Dan Runcie chats with behind-the-scenes power players and experts about the history and current landscape of the music biz.

No Jumper

Adam22’s No Jumper is interesting to say the least. The podcast features some of the biggest names in the industry and in the streets, as well as emerging and trending artists and influencers. They keep the conversation light and fun and are always up on the latest in hip-hop gossip.

New Rory & Mal

Hosted by Rory & Mal, the former co-hosts of the Joe Budden Podcast, the New Rory & Mal show promises “new stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for.”

People's Party with Talib Kweli

People’s Party is an interview podcast hosted by veteran rapper Talib Kweli. Kweli also uses his platform to talk about the issues that matter to him, his guests and the hip-hop community. People’s Party educates, entertains, and might even inspire you.

BIG FACTS with Big Bank & DJ Scream

Atlanta’s own Big Bank and DJ Scream deliver the real with their BIG FACTS Podcast. One of the things that sets this podcast apart from others is the chemistry between Big Bank and DJ Scream. The two have an undeniable rapport, and their banter is always entertaining. On the regular, they curate “unfiltered conversations” with buzzing rap artists.

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