Album Recap: 'Hugo Joe Gallo: My Godfather's Plug'

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Atlanta's top loner Hugo Joe is looking to build off a big 2021 with the release of his latest album Hugo Joe Gallo: My Godfather's Plug. This is Joe's first album since Hugo Dro back in 2018. The album was executive produced by StupidXool, a frequent producer and collaborator with Hugo Joe. 

Last week, we had Hugo Joe on the Monday To Monday podcast with Mike Boyd. In this episode, Mike Boyd Jr talks to Hugo Joe about his album, connecting with MexikoDro and StoopidXool, and working with Guapdad 4000 for his 2018 hit "Tesla." Additionally, Boyd rapid fires some of his favorite songs by Hugo to see what his mindset was when creating them. So if you haven't listened yet, be sure to tune in! 

The album contains ten tracks, which opens with "Ach," effortless rhymes from Joe mixed with a catchy chorus. One clever verse that Joe drops is, "I ain't Freddy, but I can still turn this sh*t to Elm Street. I can show you how to buss a juug with shell companies." This line shows that Joe is still a force to be reckoned with, noting that he can create a nightmare. However, the second half of that lyric shows that Joe is smart when it comes to how he moves. Hugo Joe included a sample from Netflix's The Irishman, introducing and quoting Joe Gallo in the movie to conclude the song.

The third track on the project is "Hugo Joe Biden," a song released as a single back in September. A piece that contains elements of older, nostalgic hip-hop with a modern and diverse flow. If you haven't heard "Hugo Joe Biden" before, be sure to tune in below! 

Next is Joe’s track "Houston," he stated in our interview that this is his favorite song on the whole album. On the tune's hook, Joe drops the lines talking about taking flights to Houston for a girl and taking her on shopping sprees. Additionally, he recognizes his self-worth when dropping the line "Y'all n***** burnt, I don't wanna link." Burnt is a common slang term used when somebody messes up badly and is now facing the consequences. This piece stands out as Joe's internal sense of worthiness and belonging, both in his music career and life in general. 

On "Hugo Hong Kong Phooey," he comes to terms with his past and accepts his future. This track, in particular, talks about making money, women, betrayal, and dealing with haters. It even comes full circle with some of Joe's older songs, such as "Sade," "Tesla," and "Flex On Me," for instance. 

The second-last number, "A Star Is Born," is a standout song on the album's tracklist. Hugo Joe opens up the piece with the lines, "Doin' 100 in a 70, fleeing from state troopers, Hugo just like Bradley Cooper cause a star is born. I just head from Freebandz and invested in Bitcoin, having multiple identities call me Jason Bourne." Those lyrics alone grab the attention of the listener with Hugo's rhyme scheme and subject matter. These lyrics would remain the chorus throughout the track. This is a highly catchy track that you need to tune in to!

The album ends with "Unstable," which opens with news reporter John Johnson delivering a news report of Joe Gallo's capture on ABC News, with him praising Joe Gallo. This is the perfect ending track as it comes back to the general theme of the album. Joe raps about his issues and comes to terms with them. 

This album is exactly what Joe's fans enjoy, and he knew that coming into the process of recording and creating this album. If you're into grabbing lyrics, clever rhymes, and stories of personal growth, this album is perfect for you. Be sure to check it out!

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