IamDoechii Is Determined To Blaze Her Own Path

Doechii is one to watch

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IamDoechii is a name that you will be seeing and hearing a lot of in the very near future. A fearless artist determined to blaze her own trail, the young musician from Tampa is a woman of multiple talents who writes and produces her own material while also being the creative director of her many projects. Determined to stay true to her authenticity, IamDoechii aims to give her fans the ultimate experience through her records and visuals.

After a conversation about her favorite songs on the EP, the artist then talked about the importance of spirituality within her, how she approaches her visuals, and eventually got into the incorporation of Paramore into her single ‘Yucky Blucky Fruitcake.’ “Not a lot of people caught that it was playing in the background. Hayley Williams is a huge inspiration to me. She was my first exposure to rock. I grew up in a Christian household and wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music, so I had to sneak Paramore’s music into my room, and I would teach myself how to sing like her. That was a huge moment in my life.”

Asking Iamdochii about her track ‘PMS,’ the two then cover the concept behind the song and what it means to be overly present in life. “I’ve transitioned from working alone to working with a team, and I now view my music from two sides. I recognize now that Doechii is a business, and I’m in different rooms speaking to different people. I’ve been practicing presence like crazy recently, and even when I walk into a room, I don’t feel the need to assert myself verbally, but with my presence. With the song ‘PMS,’ it was a bad studio day. I was literally PMSing, and women have to always be present, cleaned up, and proper all while being on their period!

Boyd and Doechii covered a ton in this inspiring interview that you can watch above. Be sure to check out Doechii on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to keep up with all of her latest releases.

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