We Quizzed Joey Fatone on NSYNC History, His Career and His Hot Dog Business

Joey Fatone—the Grammy-nominated baritone from NSYNC, current host of Game Show Network’s new Common Knowledge series, father of two daughters and rumored “Rabbit” on The Masked Singer—stopped by the ONE37pm Podcast to quiz us about broken light bulbs, skin burns and the $50 bill. We failed miserably.

So, in return, we quizzed him about his life to see how much he remembers about his boy band days, his pre-NSYNC career and his doppelgängers (yes, he uses PopSugar’s #Twinning app like the rest of us, but oddly enough, he didn’t get himself as a match).

For one true-or-false question, we asked if there was any truth behind the rumor that NBA legend and rapper Shaquille O'Neal helped NSYNC by letting the group record music inside his Orlando home. In this snippet from the full podcast episode, he filled us in.

From boy band to businessman, Fatone also dished on building his hot dog business, Fat Ones, and the importance of being patient and finding mentors in the entrepreneurial process. “For people that are entrepreneurs or are aiming so high,” he said before rattling off this advice: “Start simple, start out small, build that up, man. People always want that quick buck. It’s not going to happen overnight; it doesn’t.”

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When asked about The Masked Singer, Fox’s singing competition where famous performers in head-to-toe costumes aren’t unmasked until they’re eliminated, Fatone quickly denied he’s the Rabbit: “I’m not. It’s funny. My Twitter was blowing up. I probably shot Common Knowledge around the same time they did [The Masked Singer], so I was like, ‘How can I be in two places at once?’ That’s really tough to do something like that. I heard there’s a Peacock, a Dragon, a Monster, a Unicorn. It looks fun. I want to be a judge on it. That would be kind of fun to do that, so if there’s a second season, people, whoever is doing The Masked Singer, I want to be a judge.”

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