Meet One of Our Favorite Emerging Artists From Mexico, Lil Benjas

The rising artist is the latest Monday to Monday guest

Michael Caloca

Lil Benjas is this week’s Monday to Monday guest and boy was this episode a good one. Checking in with host Mike Boyd, the rapper and R&B artist joined the show to discuss his latest projects including the recently released video for his single “Tarde” (which has amassed over 21,000 viewers so far), how he is elevating his craft, and more. In addition to the popular “Tarde,” Lil Benjas has also experienced recent success with his 2021 single “Plugg” featuring Neqer, which to date has achieved 34,000 views and counting. A rising young artist with a bright future, it’s clear that Lil Benjas is going to be a name to look out for, and he caught up with Boyd to discuss the latest and greatest in his career. Below is a preview of their interview.

Boyd: What is your favorite song of yours?

Lil Benjas: From my last album Dispersión, I think it was “Tarde.” That production overwhelmed me a lot because they brought in guitars and instruments that I wasn’t used to working with from a producing and rapping standpoint. I think how it worked out made it a new experience and I have strong feelings for that song right now.

Boyd: Can you talk to us about the album artwork? What is the meaning behind it?

Lil Benjas: With the artwork, we wanted to express a nucleus on my hand representing a person that is about to explode — sort of like when you are concentrating on something and it blows up. It represents concentrated energy—somebody who is on the verge of blowing up and getting big.

Boyd and Lil Benjas had a great conversation that you won’t want to miss. You can check out the full interview above.

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