London Calling: Grammy Award Winning Producer Scribz Riley Has His Sights Set On A Music Career of His Own

East London Producer Scribz Riley is now on a different side of the studio

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Representing East London, Scribz Riley has established himself as an acclaimed producer and songwriter working with artists such as Cardi B., Khalid, and H.E.R., to name a few.

His short career has been an accomplished one as the young producer already has two Grammy awards under his belt. It was only a matter of time before Scribz hit the studio himself, and his debut EP Wish Me Luck showcases an artist ready to capture the spotlight. Checking in from London, Scribz chopped it up with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd.

Boyd: I wanted to ask you about the Wish Me Luck project. Talk to us a little bit about the artwork and what you set out to accomplish with the project.

Scribz: For me, it was a transition from being a producer to becoming an artist. The whole theme of Wish Me Luck was based around not being sure of the outcome—almost like taking a leap of faith. It’s about honesty and being a bit insecure but confident. The artwork is me just staring into a portal and going into this world of artistry that’s quite intense. 

Boyd: What’s your favorite track on the album?

Scribz: I struggle to answer this question! It just depends on the mood. I would say, ‘Introduce Myself.’ It’s an easy play, and you can get into the vibe. So that’s my favorite right now.

Boyd: Can you talk to us a bit about ‘On My Sleeve?’

Scribz: That’s my favorite beat that I’ve made. I wanted something that was crazy in terms of production, vocals, etc. I started the song and realized that I wanted a feature. I was listening to a lot of Kaash Paige at the time, and I hit her up. She had already heard the song and loved it. She sent her verse and killed it. I was so happy—there was nobody else I would have wanted on that song. That song is about growing as a person.

Boyd: Being a Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter, could you talk to us a little more about songwriting? What’s it like to work with Cardi B. and big stars?

Scribz: For me, it was about putting in the hours. I look at production as if you are providing a service. It’s about being able to get in the mind frame of the artists you are working with and being able to deliver on what they need. Sometimes that means being able to think outside of the box for them. I think the reason why my Cardi B song connected was that it was something different for her. We brought something new. When working with artists, I try to bring ‘me’ to the table. I hadn’t met Cardi when we made the song. So it originally wasn’t made with ‘Cardi’ in mind.

Boyd: What do you need to get the vibes right to record?

Scribz: All I need is my laptop, speakers, and my mouse! I grew up making beats in my mom’s house. When I go to the big studios, I’m still using the same stuff. It’s just in a bigger space. You don’t need all the fancy stuff! That’s just for aesthetics!

Boyd: What should we expect from you in 2021?

Scribz: You can definitely expect more music, more videos, and growth. Hopefully, we’ll be out of lockdown so I can do some shows! 

2021 is sure to be a big year for Scribz Riley. You can follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter.

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