Talking the Miami Music Scene and Global Expansion with Josh Montana

“And the artists know like, when they look at me, they see the word ‘content’”

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On this week’s episode of our podcast Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd sits down with manager Josh Montana. Montana started his independent Latin record label Rich Music LTD with his father Rich. He’s also president of the Social Hive Agency, a collective/creative agency “designed to help clients integrate into a connected world,” according to the company’s website. Boyd speaks with Montana about his introduction to management, the burgeoning Miami music scene, meeting Sech, expanding globally and his practice of documenting everything. 

Montana calls Miami his home base. In the podcast, he emphasizes the importance of Miami for Latin music right now: “It just became this like, mini Hollywood of music.” Having Miami as a hub for Latin music provides an opportunity for collaborations with other artists, creating a community centered on making amazing music. 

Montana also addresses his process of identifying talent: “For us, what matters is the tones and the melodies, and if it catches and makes us feel something.” It’s all about the way the music makes people feel. But he also emphasizes the importance of finding artists with a good work ethic, telling Boyd that artists have to be “ready to freaking work. This shit is not easy. They gotta have that commitment and dedication too.”

Artists have to be ready to freaking work. This shit is not easy. They gotta have that commitment and dedication too.

- Josh Montana

Boyd and Montana discuss how artists and managers can work to bring music to their fans. Montana echoes Gary Vee himself, telling Boyd, “Just create content. Create the best content possible. And if you do that, you’ll get people watching. It’s just inevitable.” This commitment to posting on social platforms and creating valuable media drives the machine for Montana, informing his company’s major success and growth.

So what’s next for Montana? He tells Boyd that his team plans to work on expanding to different territories, producing content for people globally. Between Sech, Dalex, Justin Quiles and more, Rich Music LTD represents a lot of massive artists ready to take their international reach even farther.

Episode 4: Josh Montana

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