SauxePaxk TB and DJ E.Sudd Talk Working Hard and What’s to Come in 2020

“If you want the results, you gotta put in this work.”

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This week on our podcast Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd sits down with rapper SauxePaxkTB and DJ E.Sudd to talk about everything from their hectic touring schedule to Sauxe’s genesis making music. SauxePaxk recently turned 16, but he possesses wisdom well beyond his years. He drops inspirational quotes left and right, often dipping in and out of rap-like flows during a conversation with Boyd and Sudd. They address Sauxe and Sudd’s deep commitment to producing content, what’s to come for the young rapper and Sudd’s best advice from his prolific career as a DJ.

SauxePaxk and Sudd start the interview talking about their hectic touring schedule: multiple shows a day with Sauxe often not sleeping (only taking naps in the Sprinter). The energetic rapper hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and has had a commitment to rapping from a young age. “I knew this music shit was it since I was like… seven,” he tells Boyd, adding, “You know how when you were young you had imaginary friends and shit? I had imaginary fans.” He began freestyling when he was six or seven and first started taking it more seriously around 12 or 13. He began recording music in voice memos on his phone, emphasizing the fact that anyone can make music with very few tools. “My shit was bootleg, and I was sharing my links with everybody,” he says. 

Making music comes naturally to Sauxe. “I could do this shit in my sleep. Know what I’m saying? I’ll shit out a bar for you real quick,” he says before laughing. E.Sudd echoes the sentiment with high praise: “I feel he’s a musical genius... Nobody is matching his energy.” They go on to talk about their unorthodox distribution plan, releasing Sauxe’s music on Spinrilla before eventually dropping it to the major streaming platforms. The reason why? “We had to give it to the gang first.”

SauxePaxk’s prowess extends far beyond rap. They have upcoming plans for a movie accompanying his next project, and he sees endless possibilities going forward. Speaking about Sauxe, Sudd says, “Any sea you put this man in, he gonna know how to swim. He gonna swim with the sharks for real.” E.Sudd is part of Street Execs Mgmt, which features 2 Chainz, Young Dolph and tons of other big-time rappers/producers. He says the main thing he's learned from being a part of the group is “consistency, work hard, being different.” “Every artist I know that’s serious about this, is in the studio every single day,” he says. He prioritizes working hard and the importance of creating your own lane: “You gotta create the strategy.”

They close the interview with Boyd asking Sauxe to shout out some folks on his team who have helped him. He first mentions Sudd (“He brings me to the plate and I eat that motherfucker”) before listing a slew of names, from family to other rappers to friends, members of his team and a lot more. “I’m doing this shit for me, but at the same time, I’m doing this shot for us. My peoples. If I’m eating good, my people eating good,” he tells Boyd. He drops a few more names before goofily saying, “We ain’t even finna do all that, because I’m finna be over here name-dropping for days man.” He name drops his mama twice.

I’ll leave you with a few more amazing quotes from the young rapper, as his repertoire of advice is unmatched:

On his work ethic: “I haven’t been home all 2020. Been working since fucking 12 o’clock December 31st.”

On dealing with negative criticism: “A hater gonna hate when he gonna hate, but guess what? We still gonna make big cake.”

On a requirement he looks for in people he works with: “Down to work, DTW.”

On 2020: “We shooting mother fucking movies dog. We shooting movies and taking down groupies all 2020 man.”

If you loved this episode of Monday to Monday and want to listen to Boyd chopping it up with more rappers/producers/managers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he sat down with manager Adam Small. 

Episode 12: SauxePaxk TB & DJ E.Sudd
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