Music Manager and Entrepreneur Dylan Leazier Talks Business

Leazier is the latest to join host Mike Boyd on Monday to Monday

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Dylan Leazier

Memphis artist Fresco Trey is a rising trailblazer who’s name you’ll be hearing a lot more in the future. Behind every artist is an equally dedicated team of individuals who work extremely hard behind the scenes to make things happen. For Trey, one of the people behind the scenes is a young man by the name of Dylan Leazier. An entrepreneur, Leazier is also the CEO of UNKNXWN, a content creation and branding company, and handles all things creative for DJ Clue. The latest guest on this week’s Monday to Monday episode hosted by Mike Boyd, Leazier discussed his entrepreneurial rise in entertainment amongst many other topics in a nearly 20-minute conversation with Boyd that you definitely will want to check out.

As the conversation continues, Boyd and Leazier go into just how special of a talent Trey is, and how he personally tries to add value when working with the artist. “I’m a person that comes in and tries to add value. I knew from our conversations that they (Fresco and his team) were looking for marketing and branding, so I started there and just kept building out. One of Trey’s visions is starting FTL, which is the label that he is pushing. So I try to come in and use my resources to help amplify their movement. It’s been a journey these past six months, but we are in a great place and excited for the future.”

Asking Leazier to dive deeper on the importance of having a good team, the manager gives advice to newcomers looking to build their teams. “I think you have to identify in a sense what your weaknesses are, and what areas you could use help in. You have to see what you need, and then look first at your immediate network to see which people can add value. If you don’t have anyone around you—social media is so powerful. You can get on Instagram and stumble across somebody you can network with.”

Boyd and Leazier went deeper into their conversation and the ins and outs of management. You can listen to the full interview above, and follow Leazer on Instagram.

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