Ahead of New Project RAGER BØY, Tyla Yaweh Drops 'All The Smoke'

The 'Rager Boy' spoke with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd about his upcoming projects

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Since officially launching his career in 2017, Tyla Yaweh has been steadily rising in the music industry with consistent releases. With a number of popular songs, including ‘Stuntin On You,’ and ‘Tommy Lee,’ the artist has quickly established a loyal fan base with over 500,000 followers on Instagram alone. Approaching the release of his new album RAGER BØY, Yaweh has just dropped his newest single, ‘All The Smoke,’ featuring Gunna and Wiz Khalifa. Focused on closing out 2020 strong, Yaweh discussed his upcoming project with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd.

Boyd: You have a few singles that are really good right now. Which one of them is your favorite?

Yaweh: All of my music, to be honest. I’m gonna keep dropping anthems and hits to make sure people get what they want. I love everything that I make, from old songs to new songs. I put my love and passion behind all my music.

Boyd: If a new person is getting introduced to you and your sound, what song do you suggest they start with?

Yaweh: I say start off with my Heart Full of Rage project from start to finish to really understand who I am as an artist. It lets you know all the different types of music I can do. There is a large variety of music that I make. I always tell people to research, watch interviews, and listen to my songs as well as my live shows—doing that will help them understand me as an artist.

Boyd: A lot of people watching are inspiring artists. You are such a great musician yourself, what type of advice do you have for them?

Yaweh: To really put your 10,000 hours of work in as an artist and develop yourself. Going through the failures and making sure you stay in the studio perfecting your craft. Also, be positive to the point where you are like a magnet attracting people. It’s about being a star with your personality and being a good human. If you really want this, you have to go all out and sacrifice your time, sleep schedule, and being with your family. You really have to sacrifice that for your craft.

Boyd: What do you need to get the vibes right in the studio?

Yaweh: I definitely need my engineer! The engineer has to be there and on point. I’m very precise about the sound and how I want to record. And marijuana! You gotta stay high with good vibes. I like cartoons in the background as well. The lights have got to be neon too! Of course, my homies and my girl has to be with me, and I’m usually meditated before I go into the studio. I just like to create. Oh, and I gotta have a bottle of Tequila!

Boyd: What should we expect for 2021?

Yaweh: An album at the top of the year. We are working on it right now with a whole rollout so everybody can have a dope visual and be inspired. I want to make new trends and change the game. RAGER BØY is worldwide, so I want to put my all into it.

Boyd: What does the album mean to you? What did you think about when putting it together?

Yaweh: It’s my next chapter. My last project was the summary, and now this is chapter one of what I have been working on and going through. It’s also the relationships I’ve been through and the stuff in the world that I’ve been getting into and have been inspired by. Everything I’m talking about is everything I’ve done. I want to create things that I know the masses are gonna love. Your experiences—I’ve been through things, and you never know if that can connect with people. 

Boyd: Last question. What is the biggest misconception about you? What do people get wrong?

Yaweh: Honestly, I don’t really look at what people think about me. Whatever people think of me is what they assume. So go ahead and assume. I’m not going to correct them. I’m me at the end of the day, and I always stay for me. I love giving and spreading positive energy. I always think of good karma to give back. So that’s another person's opinion—I can’t be mad at it. I’m always living my life. I’m alive and blessed. 

RAGER BØY is scheduled to release early next year. In the meantime, you can keep up with Tyla Yaweh on Instagram and Twitter.

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