The Debut of Sleepy Rose

The College Park native talked about his new chapter with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Sleepy Rose

In order to make music that fully resonates with listeners, one has to live a life complete with a variety of experiences. You have to experience joy, pain, and everything else that happens in between. Despite being a relatively young artist, Sleepy Rose possesses a wealth of knowledge stemming from life experiences.

Growing up in College Park, the rapper first began gaining traction with his single ‘Gangsta.’ Shortly after, Sleepy Rose signed to 2Chainz label T.R.U. after an intense battle session with fellow ATL artist Hott LockedIn. Following a newly released collaboration with Big Papito and SauxePaxk entitled ‘Mosh Pit,’ the ATL native spoke to ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd about some of his upcoming releases.

Boyd: I see you bubbling up. Talk to us about the Young Sleep project and why you named it that.

Sleepy Rose: I named it Young Sleep because it was a part of my path since I had been locked up. While I was in the youth program I started gaining confidence rapping. That’s also where the picture came from as well. That was my partner—I told him to act like he was cleaning my shoe and he did. I wound up using that as the cover. I snuck phones in there!

Boyd: What’s your favorite song on the project?

Sleepy Rose: Probably ‘Spill Sum’ or ‘Stay On My Pivot.’ I felt like that was the side of me that I wanted to show in this point of my life. 

Boyd: If you had to pick one track for people to get to know you, where should they start?

Sleepy Rose: You’ve got to go back to the ‘Cari Drive’ days. My day one fans are locked in from ‘Cari Drive.’ That’s the name of one of my songs—my little sister passed away, so that’s where you’ll find a documentary. 

Boyd: How did you end up linking with 2 Chainz and Street Execs?

Sleepy Rose: From my brother Lil Richie. His passing linked all of us together. Chainz came out to the funeral. He ended up giving Richie’s dad a job. One day Chainz FaceTimed me, and flew us out to record. I recorded like 10 songs the first day. We’ve been locked in since then.

Boyd: With you being one of the people on the come up in Atlanta, how do you feel about the scene right now?

Sleepy Rose: There’s really nothing going on right now because of Corona honestly. Once somebody really takes ahold of that, which I’m about to do, that’s when you are really going to be able to tell.

Boyd: What is your plan for 2021?

Sleepy Rose: I’ve got a project coming up at the beginning of the year. I just want to work on building for the next couple of years!

Boyd: How important is fashion to you in your career?

Sleepy Rose: It’s big to me! You know appearance matters! When I pop out people are always asking what I have on. If you go back to my live feed with the Atlanta Hawks—I had on this big pink rain coat! I’m popping out different stuff all the time. 

Boyd: There are a lot of aspiring artists, managers, etc. that are up and coming reading this. How do you set the vibes in the studio?

Sleepy: I’m in the zone right now because I just recorded a song! I normally just find some weed and get going. I like to have my brother or somebody else with me too. This is everyday stuff for us. It’s natural!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Young Sleep project. You can continue to keep up with all of Sleepy's latest releases on Instagram.

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