The #UproarChallenge Is Reintroducing the Glory Days of Hip-Hop

Track four from ‘The Carter V’ will have your shoulders moving like they were in 2001

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This summer, Shiggy helped Drake secure the song of the summer with the chart-topping hit “In My Feelings” off of his multi-platinum LP, Scorpion. The #InMyFeelingsChallenge had everyone from Kevin Hart, Ciara and Will Smith to Russell Wilson, Odell Beckham Jr. and James Harden displaying their best rendition of the moves. Now, there’s a new phenomenon that’s taking the internet by storm. The dance is known as the #UproarChallenge.

The song, “Uproar,” is the latest track that’s been sweeping the streets and taking America by storm. Produced by Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne was able to spit some fire lyrics which helped The Carter V debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. “What the fuck though? Where the love go?/Five, four, three, two, I let one go/ Bow!” Weezy rapped on the opening track, which makes everyone bust out a random Harlem shake or “Lite Feet” dance to complement the Louisiana artist’s flow. But if you're wondering: Why the “Harlem Shake” or “Lite Feet”? Well, it’s because Swizzy was able to reintroduce the nostalgic NYC hip-hop vibes of the early 2000s.

Once the beat of "Uproar" dropped, hip-hop fans immediately were reminded of the classic song “Special Delivery” by former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper G-Dep which featured P. Diddy. The song played a vital role in introducing the world to the Harlem Shake, a dance that was birthed in the streets of Harlem, New York. The dance consists of a lot of shoulder movement, arms wriggling in a rapid motion while staying on beat. Originated by a man of the name of Al B., he used to attend basketball games at the historic Rucker Park and would perform the dance in between every timeout break or half-time at the legendary Entertainers Basketball Classic, a league NBA legends and superstars have played in.

It didn’t explode until the likes of P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family introduced it to the culture of hip-hop. The song “Let’s Get It,” which featured G-Dep, Black Rob and P. Diddy, was a crowd favorite on many music video programming shows such as BET’s 106 & Park. The dance that introduces an unorthodox movement of the arms brought swagger to hip-hop thanks to the creativity and variations of moves being performed as the years progressed. Artists such as Jadakiss (“Put Your Hands Up”) , Eve (“Who’s That Girl”), Lil Bow Wow (“Take You Home") and Fabolous (“Young’n”) have put the dance in the forefront of their music creating process as their beats were catchy to dance to.

The dance became big in mainstream America in the summer of 2006 when DJ Webstar and rapper Young B made the song, “Chicken Noodle Soup”. The song brought forth another variation of footwork to go with the Harlem Shake known as “Lite Feet” where the person uses creative leg motion and trick with the clothing they have on (preferably hats) to create amazing combinations.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Harlem Shake dance is ready to take the world by storm again. Even though he spent a majority of his years in Philadelphia, Swizz Beatz was able to go back to his childhood roots in the mecca of hip-hop, the Bronx, to create an addictive beat that hypnotizes people to move their bodies in such an art form that leaves a major stamp onto the culture of music. With Shiggy once again leading the way in introducing the world to the new awesome craze that has hip-hop heads in awe, don’t be surprised that the #UproarChallenge will surpass Drake’s #InMyFeelingsChallenge as the most fun dance craze of 2018. Now let me see some foot work! Let’s go!

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