25 Days of POAP is Wrapping Up With A POAP Paint Party

MOBILE 59 / Michael Caloca

It’s official, the 25 Days of POAP is coming to an end. First and foremost, the team here at ONE37pm would like to thank our community for all of your support. Additionally, we truly appreciate all the creators who participated in this unforgettable POAP event! 

We are happy that we had the opportunity to share such a special experience with all of you, and we hope that you received not only a bunch of new POAPs but also value in the form of knowledge and newly fostered friendships.

To wrap up our 25 Days of POAP experience, ONE37pm has decided to celebrate the occasion by throwing a POAP Paint Party!

What is a POAP paint party?

A POAP paint party is a shared interactive canvas that will allow holders of specific POAPs (our 25 Day of POAP tokens) to place pixels on a digital canvas to create our very own POAP masterpiece! 

How to join the party

In order to join the POAP paint party, ONE37pm will share a link that takes you to the canvas. Once you click on the link, you will need to connect your wallet where you have your POAPs stored, this way we can verify that you have collected one of our POAPs which makes you eligible to participate in the POAP paint party.

Share your rights with another wallet

If you want to delegate your painting rights to someone else, you can do so via the delegate button found at the bottom of the page. Once located, simply input the ETH address or wallet you want to delegate your painting access to.

How to claim your final 25 Days of POAP piece

Anyone who places a pixel on the digital canvas will be whitelisted to receive the 25th and final POAP. The POAP for December 25 will be sent to all the wallet addresses that have placed a pixel, via the POAP delivery function. 

Although the 25 Days of POAP are coming to an end, that doesn't mean that the learning, connecting, and fun times have to. In fact, we hope that this experience has only inspired you to ask more questions, make new friends, and continue to enjoy the journey. Most importantly, never stop being curious.

Happy Holidays, ONE37pm

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