5 Best Designed Buildings in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse

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The metaverse may be a new territory with many unknowns, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t already architects chipping away at creating some amazing structures.

Cryptovoxels is a popular metaverse world where many of these structures currently exist. I had the opportunity to explore some of these buildings and decided to put together a list of what I believe to be 5 of the best-designed buildings in the Cryptovoxels metaverse.

1. Metapurse HQ

Cryptovoxels Metapurse HQ

Standing tall at 37 meters, Metapurse HQ is one of the tallest buildings in Cryptovoxels. This skyscraper is owned by billionaire Vignesh Sundaresan, better known by the name Metkoven, who is largely known for purchasing Beeple’s 'Everydays' NFT for $69 million.

Although Metapurse HQ is an impressively tall building, there are only four floors that are currently available to explore. The meeting area, art gallery, the 1-1-1 room, and the rooftop. I’ll admit that each floor does look promising, however, there’s not much going on yet. 

The meeting area is empty and the art gallery has no art, but at least the 1-1-1 room has a replica of Metakoven’s F1 DeltaTime 111 NFT car displayed, which Metakoven bought for $111k in May 2019. Also, the rooftop provides a nice view of the city of Oasis. 

Overall, Metapurse HQ is without a doubt one of the greatest buildings in Cryptovoxels, and although there isn’t much to see yet, given the name and size of the structure, it’s likely that Metakoven plans to hold at least some of his operations inside of Metapurse HQ.

Visit Metapurse HQ

2. Dark Junction - Jedi Temple

Cryptovoxels Dark Junction Jedi Temple

Enter the Dark Junction Jedi Tower. This tower doesn’t stretch nearly as high as Metapurse HQ, but it’s still a proper 13 meters high and towers over all the surrounding buildings. Upon entering the main hall of the Jedi Temple you are greeted by a large screen that displays a YouTube video, which, unfortunately, gives you an error when you try to play it. Additionally, there are various pieces of NFT art hanging on the wall.

Similar to Metapurse HQ, the Jedi Temple has four floors which are all accessible via the elevator. Hop in the elevator and head to the second floor and you will find—you guessed it—more art! Something that I found interesting is that you can click on the art which will take you to the listing for that NFT.

After gazing at the several pieces of art found on the first two floors, the third floor revealed a completely different vibe. The Meditation Chamber appears to be a place where Star Wars fans would likely gather to relax, but really, this room could be used for anything.

The fourth and final floor is simply referred to as the Tower, which is a small room atop the temple offering visitors a 360 birds-eye view of the city. My overall impression of the Jedi Temple is that it may have been built as a museum rather than a place of worship.

Visit the Dark Junction Jedi Temple

3. West Coast Bill - SpaceX Metabase

Cryptovoxels SpaceX Metabase

The SpaceX Metabase is one of my personal favorite structures in the Cryptovoxels metaverse. The building is split into two main sections; the Metabase and the Spaceship which is made to look like SpaceX’s Starship, and features an animated spaceship orbiting around the top of the building.

It only makes sense that the SpaceX Metabase is owned by a gentleman named Bill Lee who’s an investor in many of Elon Musk’s ventures, including SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company. 

Out of all the places I visited during my exploration in Cryptovoxels, the SpaceX Metabase was the only place where I noticed other avatars loitering outside of the building. 

Once you enter the building, you are immediately greeted by a room full of art, all of which are from Bill’s personal collection. His collection includes pieces from creators such as RTFTK, Hackatao, and SuperPlastic.

As you walk upstairs to the second floor, a large screen with the words “the future is here”, signed by West Coast Bill himself, awaits.

It’s unclear as to what the SpaceX Metabase may be used for in the future, but I believe it has some serious potential.

Visit West Coast Bill - SpaceX Metabase

4. Metalympics

Cryptovoxels Metalympics

The Metalympics isn’t simply a single building, it’s an entire Olympic-inspired space in Cryptovoxels where a series of fun competitions were played. I'm unsure if there are any future plans for this space, however, the remanent of Metalympics is extremely fascinating to explore.

Encompassing the property is an entire hurdle track, and within, you will find a field with stands for the audience, vendor shops, a DJ set, and a spot where trophies were rewarded to winners of the game.

A look around and you quickly notice there are some extremely popular Web3 IPs that appeared to have acted as sponsors for the event.

Examples include Axie Infinity, Avastars, Art Blocks, and more. If nothing else were to ever occur on the Metalympics grounds, it still stands as a cool piece of history in the Cryptovoxels world.

Visit Metalympics

5. CryptoMotors Showroom

Cryptovoxels CryptoMotors Showroom

CryptoMotors Showroom is not only one of the first buildings ever created in Cryptovoxels, but it’s also one of the most detailed architectural structures. The aim behind the creation of the CryptoMotors Showroom was to set a standard and create an immersive experience in the Cryptovoxel metaverse.

The CryptoMotors building features a garage full of cars developed by CryptoMotors, a lounge area, a design studio, a helipad, and a toilet — for emergency use only. Moreover, you can head to the roof to enjoy a performance by artist Madhertz, called One of a Kind, and it actually goes pretty hard!

There’s no doubt that any detail was spared when creating the CryptoMotors Showroom. I firmly believe that this structure gives us a glimpse of what the future of the metaverse holds for both creators and consumers.

Visit the CryptoMotors Showroom

As the future of the Metaverse continues to be developed, more people will begin exploring and discovering the amazing architectural structures and unbelievable possibilities that can be had in the metaverse, and more specifically in the Cryptovoxels world.

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