8SIAN and Vogue Singapore Launch 'Love Chains' On Valentine's Day


Marked by Valentine's Day, Vogue Singapore and 8SIAN celebrates love and connectivity in the age of the metaverse with ‘From Blockchain to Love Chain’—an immersive campaign exploring the new age of connectivity.

Hosted in Club Vogue Singapore and Fashion’s New World, Vogue Singapore’s very own metaverse spaces on, the campaign kick starts on 15 February 10pm SGT with five key activations—a thoughtful curation of love-inspired artworks and wearables, a panel discussion themed around the new age of connectivity, a digital fashion competition in collaboration with Decentraland x Metaverse Fashion Week and the launch of an exclusive Love Chain NFT in collaboration with Asian community collective, 8SIAN.

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DESIRE and DREAM by Vogue Singapore x 8SIAN

More About 8SIAN NFT

8SIAN is an NFT project founded by Nicole Yap, that strives to share their experience of NFTs and educate individuals by giving them the knowledge they need to operate in this new and exciting space.

It was created as an inclusive space after Yap experienced discrimination in the tech world. For 8SIAN’s first main collection, their aim was to create elegant, Asian female drawings that represented the unique characteristics and traits of women across Asia. The project has had notable collaborations with Cider, as well as Uniqlo.

Yap says this exciting collaboration with Vogue Singapore is just one of the many ways to onboard new people in the world of NFTs with an affordable price point.

Love Chain NFT | VOGUE x 8SIAN

Starting on 13 February, Vogue Singapore in partnership with 8SIAN will launch limited edition Love Chain NFTs at 0.022 ETH. Each Love Chain NFT set contains two unique designs enabling holders to gift an NFT to a loved one to immortalise their special relationship with their giftee on the blockchain and together also gain exclusive access to daily quests hosted in Vogue Singapore’s Fashion’s New World beginning 15 February. With the completion of each quest, a ‘Love Meter’ records the accomplishment as it rises—the meter unlocks a tier of prizes for the community.

Prizes include digital wearables from DressX, one-off annual digital magazine subscriptions to Vogue Singapore and an exclusive NFT by 8SIANs. Daily quests include a treasure hunt on Fashion’s New World, Vogue Singapore curated quizzes, and more. 

To purchase Love Chain NFT, visit:


Love Meter

Love Chain NFT holders will participate in Community Quests to fill up the Love Meter via points to unlock all rewards.

Points can be accrued in the following ways:

  1. Purchasing Love Chain NFT
  2. Gifting Love Chain NFT
  3. Participating in Community Treasure Hunt
  4. Completion of Community Quests

Mint Details

Lovelist | 13 Feb, 10 pm SGT

Public | 14 Feb, 10 pm SGT

Price 0.022 ETH

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