An Intro to 9021, a Generative Fine Art NFT Platform

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

What is 9021?

9021 is an NFT generative fine art launch platform that went live on August 18, 2021. There are a total of 9,021 unique pieces of generated art all carrying the same Pop Art theme. Once the first collection of 9,021 pieces sell out, the second collection will offer an entirely different theme, but still a limited supply of 9,021 pieces total.

The idea for 9021 came from two university students who were researching solidity and user experience and wanted to adopt a user-centered approach to developing a brand in the NFT environment. Johnny, the CEO of 9021 and Duplication, the CFO of 9021, are building an equitable, and affordable generative art brand that will hopefully become a leading successor within the ecosystem.

Collection 1*, which was inspired by Roni Kaufman, was initially only 5,492 pieces, meaning that only 3,529 additional pieces will ever exist in the initial iteration of the 9021 collectives.

This means that future artist drops will be far more scarce than the first drop, so as to allow as many generative artists as possible to be part of the collective. This approach will create scarcity, demand, and appreciation.

9021’s team’s short-term objective is to develop a project that highlights the concept of Pop Art and turn it into generative fine art. Pop Art was a trend that emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s in response to commercial and popular culture. Almost everyone enjoys Pop Art, hence why they decided to choose it as 9021’s first theme.

9021 will become a decentralized generative fine art launch platform, creating sequential launches until the limit mint of 9,021. This means they will be doing multiple drops of lower supply until they reach a limit mint of 9,021. Each sequential drop will offer different forms of generative art from various other generative artists and fine artists. Each sequential drop will have different supply limits, and will also be utilizing an incremental price strategy that will gradually increase as total mints get closer to 9,021.

3027 from the first 9021

Collection number two is already in the works and drops on December 13th, 2021. These pieces of generative art will be released in Subsets of 500 until reaching a total of 9,021.

The 9021 DAO

For future drops, 9021 aims to have artists send in their work that will then be graded and ultimately determined through a voting process using a DAO, more specifically, a decentralized voting system known as Snapshot.

This DAO provides flexibility on how the voting powering is deliberated. The 9021 DAO will include a treasury fund, community proposals, and a voting system used for the curation process of the brand.

9021 Print Shop

In addition to the NFT itself, 9021 will begin an initialized print shop where holders will have the ability to print physical pieces of their generative art. In fact, for collection two, 9021 has decided to raffle off 50 of these prints where random holders will be gifted a physical piece of art.

In addition to the print shop, 9021 is aiming to open a real-life gallery showcasing various pieces from the 9021 collections, truly bridging real-life pieces to digital assets. Ultimately, members of the 9021 DAO will be able to vote on which city the gallery will open.


I think it's safe to say that the 9021 generative fine art launch platform may just give Art Blocks a run for their money, and with that, a percentage of their consumers' attention as well. If you want to know more about 9021 and what they are doing, make sure to hop into their Discord.

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