An Overview of the 25 Days of POAP

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

Although the 25 Days of POAP has officially come to an end, the team here at ONE37pm is still hard at work behind the scenes aiming to provide as much value as possible to our community. That being said, if it wasn’t for the support of our amazing community, we wouldn’t be here, so thank you all.

Furthermore, we are truly grateful to all the creators who decided to join us for this special experience. That’s why we thought it would be fun to revisit each day of the 25 Days of POAP and briefly discuss who was featured, and what made that day so special to us.

Please enjoy this overview of the 25 Days of POAP.

Day 1: 25 Days of POAP

Day one of our 25 Days of POAP kicked off the holiday spirit with an introduction to the POAP experience and what was to be expected over the course of the 25 days. The POAP art for our first POAP was created by our very own graphic designer, Loveleen Kaur.

POAPS issued: 1370, POAPS Claimed: 1370

Day 2: Coinbase “Probably Nothing” Party

The second day was a sure hit! ONE37pm partnered with Coinbase to host a live “Probably Nothing” party in Miami during the week of Art Basel. Guests enjoyed a live performance by popular artists such as DJ Marshmello, Millie Go Lightly, Bun B, and Spottie Wifi.

As well, artist Greg Mike painted a mural outside of the show. Of course, many of us were not able to attend this event physically, but we were all there in spirit.

POAPS issued: 500, POAPS Claimed: 500

Day 3: Deadfellaz

For the third day of our 25 Days of POAP, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the team behind the Deadfellaz NFT project. The community enjoyed listening to Betty and Psych talk about the future of Deadfellaz and their journey to becoming a known name in the NFT space.

The Deadfellzs POAP was claimed by finding the secret word, which was hidden within the profile article that we launched before the Twitter Spaces began.

POAPS issued: 2750, POAPS Claimed: 2750

Day 4: Fatbaby

Day four proved to be a very special day for the 25 Days of POAP and anyone who was able to join the Spaces to hear Aida Sancho, aka Fatbaby, speak about her experience as an artist. Fatbaby really connected with the community and shared personal stories of the adversity she has faced as a non-binary artist, and as a human who has suffered from depression.

Aida’s honesty and passion for the NFT space really resonated with the community, and many people listening got a sense of the actual human behind Fatbaby’s Raptor City Rascals NFT project.

Furthermore, the POAP for day four was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were able to claim—featuring a Raptor from Fatbaby’s most recent NFT project.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 5: SkullVerse

Jack Davidson and his SkullVerse NFT project greeted the community with his high-energy and motivational story for day five. Jack touched on topics such as growing up in a broken home, helping others when they’re down, and the lessons he learned while he was working as a mortgage broker in the Hamptons. All of which has led Jack to become the artist he is known as today.

POAPS issued: 1500, POAPS Claimed: 1500

Day 6: Boring Ape Chronicles

Ah yes, the Boring Ape Chronicles. Day six featured two well-respected individuals in the NFT community, twin brothers Timpers and Insight. Timpers is the artist behind the Boring Ape Chronicles NFT collection, and Insight is a writer who’s passionate about creating content on various topics in the NFT space.

Together, these two provided a very tranquil and insightful Twitter Spaces discussion around NFTs, and their personal experiences of growing their brands in the NFT space.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 7: 7:31am Podcast

On day seven we featured our very own 7:31 AM podcast. In order to claim this POAP, you had to be tuned into the podcast. This was a fun way to introduce our community to our daily podcast curated by our own editors here at ONE37pm, bringing you all the information you need and nothing you don't.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 8: Proper Football

We had to do things properly for day eight, which featured our Proper Football segment of ONE37pm. The POAP art for day eight was crafted in-house by Mikey Caloca, and the secret word was announced during a Discord stage that we held.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 9: Spottie Wifi + Bun B

Our goal with the 25 Days of POAP experience was to shed light on both small up-and-coming artists like Spottie Wifi, as well as other known artists and creators like rapper Bun B.

Day nine really stood out as a day that accomplished this goal when Spottie Wifi and Bun B joined together to host a special Twitter Spaces.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 10: The Heart Project

The community enjoyed all the love expressed by The Heart Project on day ten. This NFT project isn’t simply an NFT collection; it's the basis of a constantly evolving art collective that may totally reshape the way humans think about art production and ownership.

For this POAP, we tried to be sneaky by hiding the secret word in the ONE37pm Twitter banner, however, it didn’t take long for everyone to catch on.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 11: Vinnie Hager

On day eleven we celebrated Vinnie Hager’s amazing illustrations and his journey into the NFT space. For this special guest, we released a total of 2,000 POAPs during a Twitter Spaces that we held.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 12: Mishka

For the twelfth day of POAP, we had the pleasure of hosting Mishka. Mishka is a streetwear & lifestyle brand based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Over a couple of decades, Mishka has been creating a range of characters and experiences and has recently begun exploring the metaverse as well as NFTs. We released a total of 2,500 POAPs during Twitter Spaces.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 13: Amber Vittoria

We hosted Amber Vittoria on the thirteenth day. Amber is an artist and poet working in New York who we had the luxury of speaking to in our Twitter Spaces. The community enjoyed hearing Amber’s story and learning about her work which aims to represent the nuances of womanhood.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 14: SHOEz NFT

Many enjoyed Airwalk and his NFT project SHOEz, which dropped on day fourteen at 4 pm EST, coinciding with the Twitter Spaces we hosted at 3 pm EST. Many members of our community requested to speak to Airwalk during the Spaces seeking his insight on his project, and his experience in the NFT space.

We planned something unique to claim day fourteen’s POAP. To find the secret word, we posted a link that teleported users directly to the Decentraland coordinates where they were able to find the secret word via the chat function.

Out of the 2000 people who claimed this POAP, many had never visited the metaverse prior to that day.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 15: Robert Mondavi Winery NFTs

Robert Mondavi Winery is one of the most respected and successful wineries in existence today. That is one of the reasons why we were so honored to have Robert Mondavi and French luxury porcelain house Bernardaud join ONE37pm for day fifteen of the 25 Days of POAP and celebrate the Robert Mondavi Winery x Bernardaud NFT collection.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 16: Wanderers

Day sixteen was one of my personal favorites out of the 25 Days of POAP because it proved to be a challenging way for everyone to claim their POAP, which was created by the one and only Wanderers NFT.

To complement the interactive universe of Wanderers’ NFTs, we decided to make a fun yet tricky crossword puzzle. The puzzle consisted of nine words and once solved, you had to take the first letter of each word to form the secret word to claim the POAP.

Once you discovered the secret word, you had to send it to a bot in our Discord. If the word was correct, the bot replied with a link to claim your POAP.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 17: World of Women

Day seventeen was a very exciting day for everyone and our guest needed no introduction. We held a Discord stage with Kashvi.eth, who is the Community Assistant for World of Women. Kashvi spoke about the World of Women project, the ideation of WoW, the future of the community, as well as her experience assisting the World of Women project.

POAPS issued: 2000, POAPS Claimed: 2000

Day 18: MUMBOT World

MUMBOT is an artist and designer who is known not only for her NFT collections but also for her clothing and plush toys which can be found in popular stores across the US.

On the eighteenth day, MUMBOT was sitting in MyPlasticHeart, a designer toy store in Brooklyn, NY where people were able to physically claim their POAPs from MUMBOT herself.

For those of us who weren’t able to visit her at the toy store, we were able to claim that day’s POAP via the Twitter Spaces she spoke in that day.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 19: Bushidos

We were joined by Jeremy Booth and his NFT project, Bushidos, on day nineteen for another exciting Spaces. For the Bushidos POAP, we had a little fun and hid the secret words in the article image.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 20: Frank Dukes

On day twenty we had the pleasure of hosting famous record producer, songwriter, and DJ, Frank Dukes. Or rather, (The Ghost of) Frank Dukes, as he is now referred to as Ging.

Ging joined our Spaces and talked about how NFTs are changing the music industry, as well as answering several questions from other creators in the audience.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 21: Inside the Screen

Our very own Aaron, aka EyesOfTheDon, hosted day twenty-one of our POAP experience live on Twitch. Aaron was gaming while hosting the event and representing Inside The Screen which is a podcast covering everything gaming.

To claim this POAP created by Mikey Caloca, a designer here at ONE37pm, you had to be present on his live stream where Aaron released the secret word.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 22: Dalek and SpaceMonkeys

If you are familiar with SpaceMonkeys, then you’re likely very familiar with Dalek, who was our guest for day twenty-two. Dalek has been creating art for a long time, so when it came time to tune into the Twitter Spaces, Dalek received a ton of questions from the community which he happily answered.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 23: Blake Jamieson

Blake Jamieson is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY who creates pro athlete portraits and pop art. We all loved hearing about his experience of how he became the successful artist he is today during our Spaces for day twenty-three.

His story was so inspiring and the community had many questions for him. Blake provided real value and tips for everyone who was present.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 24: Brain Vomit

Brain Vomit, aka Steven Rea, was our final guest for the 25 Days of POAP respectably. Steven shared his story of growing up as a kid drawing vehicles, and how he got to where he is today as a successful artist. The secret word was shared in the Twitter Spaces which was hosted at 1:37 pm.

POAPS issued: 2500, POAPS Claimed: 2500

Day 25: POAP Paint Party

Of course for the twenty-fifth and final day of our 25 Days of POAP, we had to celebrate with a POAP Paint Party! Anyone who claimed at least one POAP was eligible to participate in the party.

The party was held on the POAP website and was live for 24 hours starting at midnight. In order to claim the POAP, you needed to paint at least one pixel on the digital canvas. In all, there were 575,000 pixels painted by 1,246 people!

To claim the POAP after the party ended, all you had to do was visit the link that we posted in a Twitter thread on the ONE37pm account. In total, 1,174 people claimed the final POAP, and we are extremely proud of the final POAP that our community created.

POAPS issued: 1246, POAPS Claimed: 1174 (this is due to people claiming their POAPs with an email address as opposed to their wallet)

Overall, our community claimed a total of 52,794 POAPs throughout the 25 Days of POAP!

We want to thank our entire community for their participation and continued support, all the creators, and everyone who helped make the 25 Days of POAP an unforgettable experience. Until next time, ONE37pm.

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