Australian Open Serves Up Stadium Seating, Adding to Various Member Rewards For The AO23 Season

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AO Art Ball

As the market navigates the crypto winter, Grand Slam NFT project, Australian Open ‘ArtBall’ continues to bring new heat in the midst of ‘crypto winter,’ staying on-strategy to commit investment and announce plans, set to significantly renew holder optimism. 

After an exciting announcement of The ArtBall Ground Pass, the AO team continues its impress with its second serve: stadium seating.

How to Win Stadium Seating for AO 2024

Any AO ArtBall that scores a Match Point on the AO23 court, will be entitled to claim 2 complimentary tickets to the equivalent match at AO24. Here are some examples of how this works for ArtBall Members on the AO23 court: 

● Score the Match Point at the Men’s or Women’s Singles Final, ArtBall Members get 2 x tickets to the Men’s or Women’s Singles Final at AO24, respectively. 

● Score the Match Point for a Round 1 match on Rod Laver Area, ArtBall Members get 2 x tickets to Rod Laver Arena at AO24 - Day 1. 

● Score the Match Point for a Round 1 match on court 16 on Day 1 of the tournament, ArtBall Members get 2 x Ground Passes at AO24 - Day 1. 

How are Match Points won? 

All AO ArtBall 9230 plots on the AO23 court are distributed randomly and verifiably using the Chainlink VRF random number generator. Chainlink VRF provides a tamper-proof method for obtaining randomness that provides mathematical proof that nobody can predict or tamper with the random number it provides.

How is a Match Point scored on the plot? 

The ball mark from the last legal bounce, for every match of the Australian Open, is mapped to the corresponding ArtBall plot using electronic line-calling technology used to officiate Australian Open matches down to the millimeter.

What is AO Art Ball NFT?

AO Metaverse

In a demonstration of the most extensive rewards program on the blockchain, AO ArtBall serves holders an unprecedented level of tickets to major tennis and live sport events in a game changer year of member benefits that includes AO23 Ground Passes, exclusive behind-the-scenes streams and an enhanced fan experience. 

Designed by Tennis Australia and Web3 studio Run it Wild, AO ArtBall announces an unprecedented level of AO23 tickets for all NFT holders. Additionally, holders will also receive access to live sport and entertainment events that cover both virtual and real worlds, Australian and international events. This new frontier of token-gated experiences breaks new ground in rewarding holders with experiences-at-scale, they may not ordinarily have access to. 

Every ArtBall holder will be able to claim a pair of complimentary seven day Ground Passes to finals week of AO23 as part of the ArtBall Ground Pass to live events. Given the 6,776 collection size, this will be the largest release of tickets to an AO membership program in the history of the event. Holders of multiple ArtBalls will be able to claim multiple pairs of Ground Passes based on the quantity they own. For example, if someone owns three ArtBalls, they can claim six tickets, allowing them to treat their family and friends to an unforgettable finals week (23-29 January) at AO23.

“We believe we’re delivering what an NFT should be. We’re offering fans truly unique experiences and creating memories that last a lifetime. We don’t believe any other project is offering Grand Slam tickets and the range of member benefits on this scale, to all holders. Whether it’s your first time in Rod Laver Arena, a heightened experience in a virtual world, seeing your favourite player, team, or artist play or learning something new in Web3, it’ll be rewarding,

- Ridley Plummer, Senior Manager Metaverse, NFT’s, Web3 and Cryptocurrency, Tennis Australia

Serving up a new way to experience sport, AO ArtBall exists at the intersection of sport and innovation, unlocking ways to keep fans in the game – on and off the court. Changing the way AO’s fervent fan base are invested beyond the 14 day tournament, ArtBalls already come with a plot on the court. If the winning shot from any of the ~400 AO matches lands on that plot, the ArtBall is updated in near real-time to highlight the match information and attach a holographic sticker to the ball casing showing it’s a Match Point ArtBall. 

“Last year we set a new precedent at the intersection of tech, art, tennis and live data. This year we’re breaking new ground in offering all holders a deeper fan experience. We’ve shifted gears to build out a sustainable membership platform for the future that adds in token-gated experiences as a given, founded on proof of ownership and holder demand,” said Adam De Cata, Run it Wild Founder and NFT Tech CEO. 

AO ArtBall raises the bar once more since becoming the world’s-first Web3 project to incorporate live match data and win an Entertainment Cannes Lions award for Sport. “We believe we’re one of the most extensive rewards program on the blockchain, the experiences on offer to ArtBall holders are truly memorable, unique and accessible,” De Cata added. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come for AO ArtBall in 2023.

ArtBall Ground Pass 

 In addition to the pair of AO23 Ground Passes, ArtBall holders will get access to select United Cup matches in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. United Cup is the first mixed teams event for equal points and equal pay, taking place from 29 December through to 8 January. 

“AO ArtBall continues to over deliver. Ground Passes to AO23 would be an unforgettable experience for my friends and family. I never expected to be rewarded with so many benefits. Thanks for ArtBall, I already own a rare signed t-shirt autographed by tennis legends, a number of POAPs[6] and wearables in addition to recently attending the Moto GP for the first time with my family,” said Discord member Justice Albatraoz, holder of four ArtBalls. 

The ArtBall SuperSight 

Artball SuperSight is an exclusive curated experience for AO Art Ball members. Aiming to deepen the fan experience, SuperSight will bring members behind the scenes of AO23. Supersight also offers an exclusive suite of streams and viewing tools for members located anywhere in the world, allowing them to engage with the AO remotely. This includes Player-cams, 3D Stats Explorer and AI personalized match highlights. 

All enhanced Match Point experience 

Using Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) technology, all AO22 & AO23 ArtBalls will be randomly allocated a new court position. This unique benefit ensures existing holders, in less desirable locations e.g. under the net, get a fresh opportunity to secure Match Points from their new plot. The ‘23 Match Point experience is set to include 3D match point visualization and digitized match footage. 

Expansion of international rewards 

2022 saw dedicated holders battle it out in rapid fire trivia to secure exclusive tickets to other Grand Slams including Wimbledon and Roland Garros. Testament to the vast partner network of Tennis Australia, ArtBall members could also access international experiences beyond tennis, including club tickets, stadium tours and signed merchandise from Arsenal and the New York Mets. To ensure international ArtBall holders are kept in the game, the ‘23 collection will see an expansion of international rewards for holders via collaborations with iconic Web3 projects and brands. 

Wen Mint?

The AO23 collection will mint before the tournament begins 16th January 2023. Mint date, price and auction details will be confirmed, closer to the mint. Collaboration Wildcards (aka Allowlists) for the ‘23 mint are live here.

To find out more about AO ArtBall Membership program, visit its website and read its litepaper.

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