Best Crypto Gifts That Aren't NFTs For The Blockchain Enthusiast In Your Life

Loveleen Kaur

One of the most stressful parts of the holiday season is tracking down the right gift. When buying a gift for an NFT enthusiast, there are many options you can choose from that don't require buying an NFT. The options have several entry points, and we will cover as many as we can for you.

1. Ledger Cold Wallet

The number one item on most people’s lists would be a way to protect their digital collectibles. An excellent gift for anyone interested in a secure way to store their digital assets would be a ledger. There are several options. However latest and greatest would be the Ledger Stax.

The Ledger Stax was designed for the day-to-day use of crypto and NFTs. You can Clear-sign your transactions with ease on the curved E Ink touchscreen.  It also allows you to customize the unit by naming it as well as using an NFT to customize the lock screen.

a. Ledger Stax    

b. Ledger Nano X

c. Ledger Nano S Plus

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2. Cold Storage Seed Backup

Along with a way to secure the assets would be a way to protect the keys to those assets. One that comes to mind would be an Indestructible Steel Crypto Cold Storage Seed Backup.

There are several on the market, and these steel backups are a great gift for an NFT enthusiast. They provide a safe, offline storage solution for seed phrases. There are a slew of variations available at different retailers. However, you can get a Billfodl steel case from Ledger.

Screen Shot 2022 12 20 at 12.04.20 PM 1

3. Digital Art Frames/Physical Displays of a Digital Collectible

Once assets are safe and secure, many NFT enthusiasts love to show off their collections. One cool way to display them would be the Netgear Meural Canvas II. The Meural is a digital art frame that allows the display of one’s favorite works of art or digital collectibles in high resolution. It has a streamlined, modern design and includes a variety of features, such as automatic rotation and the ability to display art from popular museums and galleries (requires a subscription). You can find them at Netgear’s store.

Screen Shot 2022 12 20 at 11.19.51 AM 1

A company that specializes in physical displays of digital collectibles would Infinite Objects. They are a company that creates unique, limited-edition digital artworks stored and displayed on physical objects. These one-of-a-kind pieces make for a truly unique gift. They offer limited edition pieces as well as the ability to create your own. Check them out over at

4. Poster or Lithograph

Another avenue of display would be a more traditional version, such as a poster or lithograph. There are plenty of options available to do that. What I would suggest is going over to Etsy and getting one of their favorite NFTs turned into a display piece you can download before heading to the following places to get it printed.  

Once you do something different such as order a slick metal print. High-quality metal prints are available for several retailers and are a perfect way to display a static NFT. The colors often pop when printed on durable metallic surfaces. and are the ones I would recommend for metal prints. You could also get them printed as traditional posters. If you have a Staples or Office Max nearby, that is also an option. However, and are fantastic alternatives.

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5. “Can the Devs Do Something?” Shirt

VOGU's “Can the Devs Do Something?” shirt is a nod to the popular phrase used in web3/NFT Twitter. It can be purchased at Kouwei Shop. It is a universal sentiment that any collector of digital assets can appreciate.

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Kouwei Shop

6. Veefriends Plushie

These cute and cuddly plushies are an excellent gift for anyone looking for a little bit of whimsy in their life. The brainchildren of Gary Vaynerchuk, Veefriends plushies come in a variety of adorable animal designs and are made from soft, high-quality materials. They can be found at

VeeFriends Macys Toys R Us   Image 3
Team Gary Vee

7. Bored Bagels

Bored Apes have a multitude of merchandising contracts. While many are still in development, a recent release has been the Bored Bagels. You can order branded bagels and cream cheese from their website

8. Hodl Noodles

If you just want a fun gag gift, the best recommendation would be to grab a box of Hodl Noodles. The Doge and crypto-wrapped ramen noodles are always a fan favorite. You can find them by visiting Simply Food.

9. Surface Pro Tablet

The Surface Pro is a versatile tablet that can be used as a laptop or a standalone tablet. It offers a range of features and accessories, making it a great gift for anyone in need of a new computer or a new outlet to draw/design on. It is a suitable alternative for someone that isn’t already a part of the Apple ecosystem. The latest version can be found at

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10. Merch From Your Favorite NFT Project

Screen Shot 2022 12 20 at 2.45.05 PM
Creature World

Whether or not you're a Creature holder, we can all agree that this Creature World Thermal Sweater is a super stylish addition to anyone's wardrobe. This super warm & thick wool acrylic blend sweater is made with thick yarn and love. You can purchase it for yourself or a loved one here.


Another collection that delivered on merch this season would be the Doodles. Their rainbow faces gracing everything from golf shirts to hats to keychains. An iconic brand within the digital collectibles space, Doodle merch is a fine gift for your NFT enthusiast. You can find their merchandise over at

There is a never-ending parade of choices when looking to buy a gift for someone. Particularly those that have decided to dive into the world of digital collectibles. The world of an NFT enthusiast is often filled with the colors of Doodles, the camaraderie of Apes, and the friendship of Veefriends. In the end, no matter what you choose to pick as a gift, it is really the thought that matters. 

While we did share many non-NFT related gifts, creating your own isn’t difficult. If you're interested in learning how to make one, head over to our articleHow to create an NFT,” where we explain the process.

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