Blake Jamieson Shares His Process of Collecting NFT Artwork

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When Blake Jamieson first agreed to do an interview with me, I knew I wanted to get down to what makes him tick when it comes to digital art collecting. Not only is he a collector in this space, but Blake is an amazing creator in his own right. With over 95k Twitter followers, 4k Youtube followers, and 40k Instagram followers, the man is impressive to say the least. ONE37pm even spoke to him a few months back about his collaborative NFT project with Terrell Owens.

As an artist, Blake certainly knows what he is doing in this market. He's generated over $46,000 in six weeks on SuperRare and pulled in around $800,000 on Project 2020 with Topps.

As I researched the artist's successful career, I was curious about the collector side of the artist—who hails from Brooklyn, NY—and has 60 NFTs to his name.

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Blake Jamieson

Blake started his collection of NFTs in 2020. Using Ethereum he made from selling his own works, he began investing back into the community and other artists. When he started buying NFTs, he purchased a handful all at one time, therefore he does not view any one piece as his “first" NFT.

Describing himself as a collector, this is what he had to say:

“I collect because of the artists behind the work and their story. I am less attached to a particular NFT, but become more interested in the creator's journey.”

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Created by alexpardee / Owned by Blake Jamieson

Blake's main motivation behind collecting from others is to support living artists, choosing to focus mainly on the artist rather than the NFT. He feels strongly about meeting the artist behind the work, viewing the creator themself as immensely important. To that end, he shared something he would like to see more of in this space:

“I would like to see more artists utilize unlock-able content to expand the story behind their work and artist journey.”

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Created by 71F783 / Owned by Blake Jamieson

As a creator myself, I found this a helpful tip. I myself have failed to fully utilize the un-lockable features on platforms which have been a boon to so many NFT projects in recent months.

To further illustrate how important the creator is to a collector, as Jamieson said he knows he is standing before a great work when the artist's story resonates with him. If money were no object, Blake would collect Crypto Punks. The best advice he has for others on this topic is simple:

“Collect what you like. I don't get caught up in the 'investment' side very much.”

Blake Jamieson

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the man behind the name. I found him easy to talk with and very approachable. Blake's insights as an artist and collector demonstrate how important the people and their journey behind the works are to him personally when looking for NFTs to add to his growing collection. It's an interesting lesson for anyone involved in any aspect of the NFT space; the creators matter.

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