March Madness Degen Bracket Challenge to Raise Money For Ukraine

Hannah Scherwatzky / ONE37pm

With all that is going on in Ukraine, many people in the Web3 space are looking for ways that they can help out. That’s why the Knights of Degen NFT project is raising funds by hosting their very own March Madness Degen Bracket Challenge.

Who are the Knights of Degen?

The Knights of Degen are a community of degens building a sports and entertainment kingdom in the metaverse. This brand was co-founded by Jared Augustine, Drew Austin, Jack Settleman, and their head artist Blake Jamison.

Knight of Degen was created to form a Web3 community whose focus is on sports, sports betting, and NFT alpha. From college football playoffs to professional league playoffs, the community’s activities are often organized around various sporting events. Oftentimes they will split into groups and compete against each other for a chance to win special NFT prizes.

Their most recent tournament is called the Degen Bracket Challenge!

What is the Degen Bracket Challenge?

The Degen Bracket Challenge introduces a new way for all of Web3 to enjoy the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. With that, the Knights aim to achieve three things:

  1. Bring together people in Web3 using major sports events.

The Knights do this by creating content, events, NFTs, and storylines around these big moments with their own community, but also with other like-minded communities. That’s why they decided to do something very special for March Madness, and bring together more people in Web3.

  1. Create an onramp for the Web2 community to learn and experience Web3.

Jared firmly believes that the Knights of Degen collection has brought more newcomers into the NFT space, than most other projects on the market today. It’s simple, many people love sports and are also curious to know more about Web3, hence the results. 

That’s one of the reasons the Degen Bracket Challenge exists. Most people are already filling out a bracket for March Madness, why not learn more about Web3 and experience the love of the community at the same time?

  1. Introduce a philanthropic arm to help Ukraine.

The main aim for the March Madness Bracket Challenge is to raise funds, and ensure that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Ukraine Fund.

How to join the Degen Bracket Challenge

To join the Degen Bracket Challenge is easy and very similar to filling out a traditional bracket.

Simply go to, connect your wallet, make your picks, and then mint your bracket for FREE, with the opportunity to donate upon submitting your bracket. Your bracket is then minted on the blockchain for eternity.

Minting will be available from Sunday, March 13 at 9 PM EST through Thursday, March 17 at Noon EST.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called a “Degen” Bracket Challenge if there weren’t some other Web3 elements incorporated into it. If you already have NFTs in your wallet, you can choose any of them to represent your profile on the leaderboard!

Also, this is the first of its kind in that there will be a market to buy brackets mid-tournament. You can buy and sell brackets as the tournament progresses, on Opensea.

For example, say you see a bracket rising up the leaderboard, you can attempt to purchase the bracket and potentially take the lead.

Ultimately, you are competing for a prize pool of over 50 ETH in NFTs from other top NFT collections. There are first, second, and third place wallets established holding various NFT prizes. The Knights alone have donated 6 ETH worth of Knights NFTs to the prize pool.

If you are already planning on filling out a March Madness bracket, consider minting your own Degen Bracket, and join the challenge for your shot at winning your own pool of NFT prizes.

To learn more about the Knights of Degen and the Degen Bracket Challenge, make sure to give them a follow on Twitter.

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