Get to Know CryptoStache: A Beacon of Information In The CryptoVerse

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Navigating the wide world of cryptocurrency can be quite daunting for newcomers. You can do all the Google searches in the world for the terms Basic Attention Token, NFT’s, Ethereum, etc. But without proper guidance, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the constantly evolving crypto space and its latest trends.

If you’re desperate for a savior to make sense of all this, then allow us to introduce you to Shea Newkirk aka “CryptoStache.” The crypto guru runs a personal blog where he gets into the nitty-gritty of all things bitcoin and crypto. Besides offering readers a treasure trove of worthwhile advice to follow, CryptoStache also dishes out useful information and insightful podcast sessions on his growing YouTube channel. 

To say that CrytpoStache is a man of many talents would be a severe understatement - his Twitter bio describes him as a bitcoiner, blockchain gamer, content creator, entrepreneur, musician, and designer. And he sports a pretty sick handlebar mustache to boot. His cryptocurrency knowledge reaches far and wide, which is why our very own Tyler Schmitt spent some time picking his brain and learning about his interesting backstory.

Tyler kicked his conversation with CryptoStache off by letting him provide us all with a brief breakdown of who he is and what he does in the crypto world. “All NFT roads lead back to ‘Stache. That’s how I set it all up, guys. For years, I’ve been laying the tracks and now the time has come. I’m all about stashing my crypto. And the tagline is not just clever, it’s literally what I built my educational platform on from the very beginning when I first started doing it. It’s an underlying ethos to what I’m doing here in crypto. I got started in the industry in really 2013, is when I really slowly took a look at Satoshi’s [Nakamoto] [The] White Paper. And that’s when it was like BOOM!”

CryptoStache went on to explain how he initially got put on to the cryptocurrency scene. “The first time was like early 2012 and I was just surfing around on Reddit’s and news forums out there. And I saw a link where someone was talking about magic internet money. And I was like ‘that’s weird. Magic bitcoin money? Alright…’ So I clicked the link, go to the website, and it’s like right there. Hey, buy Bitcoin!”

Tyler then asks if CryptoStache considered himself a techie at that point in his life. “I’ve been a techie my whole life. I started building computers when I was like 14 years old. I taught myself how to code at 16 and do graphics, HTML, and all that good stuff.” CryptoStache also delved into his teen years and noted how he didn’t look like your average nerd. “I look cool. I don’t look like a nerd. I was always good at really hiding it. Because in high school, that was not the cool thing. I did sports too, so when I’m at home I’m computing. It was a crazy kind of juxtaposition.” As the interview goes on, CryptoStache covers a wide range of topics, such as his working past in the field of architecture, his crypto know-how, and his interest in blockchain gaming.

Be sure to listen to the full conversation between Tyler and CryptoStache to fully immerse yourself in all the goings-on playing out in the cryptocurrency medium. And do yourself a favor and give CryptoStache a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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