“Intro to NFTs and the Metaverse:" The First 100% On-Chain University Course

This course is free as long as you mint the corresponding NFT before October.

Hannah Scherwatzky / UNIC

Nested in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is one of the leading comprehensive research-oriented universities in the Mediterranean region.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, UNIC has been far ahead of other leading universities around the world. UNIC started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as far back as 2013. In 2014, UNIC had its first course on cryptocurrency with a cryptocurrency degree program.

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UNIC Access Token: Fall 2022: BLOC-711 / UNIC

Now in 2022, UNIC announced the world’s first 100% fully “On-Chain'' university course entitled ”Introduction to NFTs and the Metaverse."

The course is a a free to attend 12-week-lecture series lead by Executive Director of the Institute For the Future (IFF) at UNIC, Professor George Giaglis and punk6529, one of the leading community members and collectors in the NFT space. They will be joined by over 30 guest lecturers and panelists over the 12 week course.

Starting the week of Oct 3rd 2022, the course will take place in specially designed virtual auditoriums inside the Open Metaverse (OM) – Punk 6529’s Open Metaverse powered by OnCyber.

They will begin week one with introductory topics such as what NFTs are and end week 12 with more advanced topics of long term technology stacks for the metaverse and digital society.

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Bloc-711: Introduction to NFTs and the Metaverse Course Schedule / UNIC

Adjacent to the classroom is the 6529 Museum District, “home to one of the leading NFT collections in the world, spread across 20+ galleries, as well as a growing ecosystem of artist and collector galleries in the surrounding areas.”

How can someone attend this course? By minting an NFT (free + gas) of course! This course is completely free as long as you mint the corresponding NFT before classes begin in October.

For 0.25 ETH (around $365 USD), there is also an option to receive a certificate of completion from UNIC which will also be a separate NFT airdropped into your wallet after the course is complete. At the present date, over 12,000 course NFTs have been minted. 

If you have never minted an NFT before you will need a non-custodial crypto wallet with around 10$ USD worth of Ethereum (ETH) in it to pay a gas fee. Popular options are Metamask and Coinbase Wallet.

Once you create a wallet you can use any exchange such as Coinbase to purchase ETH to send to the wallet or you can also utilize a debit/credit card to purchase ETH directly within the wallet (with slightly higher fees.)

You can then view your NFTs by connecting the wallet and creating an account to any major NFT marketplace such as OpenSea.

Learn more about the course here.

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