Leading NFT Restaurant Flyfish Club Announces Permanent Location

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The search is over. Flyfish Club's permanent location is now secured: 141 E Houston St, NYC.

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Flyfish Club

Located a few blocks east of Soho in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood within a modern development designed by acclaimed architect Roger Ferris, Flyfish Club will inhabit over 11,000 square feet across three floors.

The space will consist of a bustling cocktail lounge, upscale restaurant, intimate omakase room, and an outdoor space.

What is Flyfish Club?

Flyfish Club (FFC) is the world's first member's only private dining club where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT).

The concept is created by VCR Group (Gary Vaynerchuk, David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon), a team of passionate operators behind several celebrated culinary concepts.

Token-holders are able gain access to Flyfish's restaurant as well as other exclusive culinary, cultural, and social experiences.

So far, FFC members have been able to enjoy one-of-a-kind events such as private cooking sessions, pop-up events, wine tastings, and parties in the Hamptons and Miami.

How Do I Join Flyfish Club?

To join FFC, purchase an NFT on Opensea.  After purchasing, create a member profile at and connect your wallet to verify ownership of your token.

For more updates, follow Flyfish Club on Twitter and Instagram.

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