Everything To Know About Food Fighters Universe, The Team Who Brought You Bored N Hungry

The world’s first NFT restaurant group is continuing to expand its empire.

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Food Fighters Universe, the world’s first NFT restaurant group, is continuing to expand its empire.

Food Fighters Universe currently has three concepts under its umbrella: 

  • Bored & Hungry, the world’s first NFT-themed restaurant, already open at 2405 E 7th St. in Long Beach, Calif. 
  • Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration, an “immersive retail dessert experience” from rapper Snoop Dogg, opening soon in Los Angeles
  • Bored Taco, a Los Angeles-style hard shell taco food truck and ghost kitchen from Champ Medici, aka Cordell Broadus – Snoop Dogg’s son
6 Packaging using Bored Ape 6184 and Mutant Apes at Bored Hungry in Long Beach California. The restaurant is powered by Bun Bs Trill Burgers and vegan fast food concept Beleaf Burgers photo by Calvin Hang
Food Fighters Universe

The team most recently announced it would launch its second location of Bored & Hungry in Seoul, Korea this fall.

Bored & Hungry Korea

Bored & Hungry Korea will bring the restaurant’s signature branding and packaging featuring Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #6184, with an updated store design in Seoul’s Gangnam District. / Food Fighters Universe

The first licensed Bored & Hungry location will open in Gangnam, the capital of K-Pop and K-Wave, which several international brands have selected to become the epicenter of their expansion into the Asian market. 

Bored & Hungry Korea will bring the restaurant’s signature branding and packaging featuring Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #6184, in addition to an updated store design.

It will offer a familiar menu to its US location, including “Bored” beef smashburgers and “Mutant” vegan smashburgers. Customers will be able to pay in cryptocurrency (Apecoin and Ethereum).

How It All Started

Co-founder Andy Nguyen said Bored & Hungry in Long Beach initially was originally designed to be a pop-up for 90 days.

"It was intended to make a statement to the public that NFTs are more than just a jpeg," Nguyen said in an interview with ONE37pm. "This is what you can do with digital ownership and things you can provide in real life with it."

It was also intended to be a gift to web3, a place for holders and members of the community to meet up and enjoy an in-person experience.

"Once I learned about IP usage, IP rights and utility to NFTs, I had this idea," Nguyen said. "Most people are just giving out a t-shirt or merch, but not what we can do in the hospitality world."

However, it become so popular – attracting more than 1,500 customers on its grand opening day – that he and fellow co-founders Kevin Seo Phillip Huynh decided to make it a full-time restaurant.

3 Bored Hungry served more than 1000 burgers on its first day in business photo by Calvin Hang 1
Calvin Hang

In addition to all the restaurants under FFU, the group has also launched its own NFT collection.

What is the Food Fighters Universe NFT Collection?

Food Fighters is a utility-based NFT that offers a lifetime pass to free food, special experiences and access to the annual Food Fighters Festival, a food and music celebration.

Each NFT purchase also will help to develop the world’s first NFT restaurant group, which co-founders Nguyen, Seo and Huynh have launched to bridge food and web3.

The collection of 10,000 food-inspired characters on the Ethereum blockchain is now live at at a price of 0.345 ETH. 

re1iC Zk
Food Fighters Universe

"We are partnering with restaurants so holders can redeem free meals once a month," Nguyen said. "The meals will be paid in full by the Food Fighters Universe team."

Being a holder also comes with another interesting perk— FFU wants to help holders open their own restaurants.

"Many of our holders are chefs or have always wanted to open their own restaurant," Nguyen said. "We can provide resources, funding, and mentorship to help get their dreams started."

About the Founders

Andy Nguyen is a veteran restauranteur in Southern California. Nguyen co-founded more than a dozen restaurant concepts including Afters Ice Cream, Matte Black Coffee, Dough & Arrow, Trill Burgers, and the Hello Kitty Cafe.

Kevin Seo is a content creator, food-lover, and advocate for underrepresented communities. Prior to FFU, he founded Food Fest Live and created food-related content on Tiktok.

Phillip Huynh worked in cost savings and logistics within the e-commerce, retail and wholesale spaces before entering web3. He currently oversees logistics and operations for Food Fighters Universe.

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