The Graffiti Queens' Virtual Exhibition is a Game Changer for NFT Art

graffiti queens mobile
Graffiti Queens

The Graffiti Queens Art show is buzzing on Twitter, and I'm here to answer some questions. People are coming out of the wood work to find out: what is the Graffiti Queens?

In a nut shell, it is an all female NFT art show. But it is far more than what appears on the surface. For the first time in Crypto Art History an all female, no artist limit, no rules apply, no fees, no application, non-platform specific show is taking place in Decentraland

For the first time, a true blockchain cryptocurrency, Polygon, is sponsoring the female artists in the space. It’s the first time major celebrities have joined forces with NFT artists to do an exhibition. Celebrities such as Pussy Riot and Viktoria Modesta, who recently sold their first NFTs on foundation, are involved, just to name a few. It has created such a buzz that Paris Hilton herself has engaged in conversations with the female artists in the exhibition.

Makersplace and Known Origin have banded together to bring support to the exhibition. With Makersplace bringing the entire Venus of the Metaverse event to extend into the Graffiti Queens, and David Moore, founder of Known Origin, creating special contracts for his artists so gas fees don’t kill them to mint work for it.

The WOCA foundation members have stepped up to organize interviews and artist discussions on the project and the artwork across all social platforms like Club House. 

How does one apply? Again, there is no application process. Simply chose the artwork you want: new, old, sold it doesn’t matter. Get an Apensea link for it and direct message it to me @CryptoYuna on Twitter. It’s as simple as that. Yet artists continue to ask where to submit their applications, because it’s certainly not what they are used to in this space.

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