How to Utilize CryptoSlam for Beginners

Mikey Caloca / ONE37PM

Keeping track of everything happening in the NFT space can be near impossible. That is why many tools are available across the web to help us keep track of what is going on. One of the tools that I use is CryptoSlam! So, what is CryptoSlam?

What is CryptoSlam?

CryptoSlam is an NFT aggregator, which tracks the location and metrics of numerous NFTs from over 50 different websites and projects.

Here is a list of some of the metrics that CryptoSlam covers:

  • Today’s sales volume (project specific)
  • Today’s market sellers (project specific)
  • Today’s mints (project specific)
  • Top market buyers and sellers (last 3 days)
  • Current transaction fees (project specific)
  • Live marketplace and sales (updated every 5 minutes)
  • NFT collection ranking by sales volume (24 hours)
  • Blockchain by NFTs sales volume (24 hours)
  • Top NFT collectible collectible sales (24 hours)

From my personal experience, I view CryptoSlam as a valuable resource for keeping track of some of the top NFT projects on the market today. Although there are some other well-known NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, which can track some projects, none of them track the location of a project like CryptoSlam does.

CryptoSlam was created to track NFTs from the 2018 NFT project, MLB Champion. However, after launching the first version of CryptoSlam, creator Randy Wasinger noticed that the response from folks in the NFT community was extremely positive, leading Randy down the path to creating what CryptoSlam is today—the ultimate tracking tool for all things NFT.

How to utilize Cryptoslam

You know that CryptoSlam is a fantastic tool for tracking NFT metrics and location, but how can you best utilize CryptoSlam to benefit you and your NFT endeavors?

To best utilize CryptoSlam, you should get familiar with the essential functions of the site. You can use CryptoSlam to research recent NFT sales in the market, keep track of specific NFT projects, and stay on top of the market across several blockchains (Etherum, WAX, and FLOW).

Here are the metrics provided to users of CryptoSlam and each of their utilities:

Searching for a project is a great way to get started using CryptoSlam. With the search function, you are able to scroll through a list of all the NFT projects covered on the site, or you can use the search bar if you already know the project you want to investigate.

If you use the search function, you are limited to searching by Player/Team/Owner name or wallet address. The Team option refers to the MLB Champions NFT collection, so if you aren’t searching for MLB Champions specifically, don’t worry about searching for teams.

I enjoy the fact that as a user, you can search for wallet names and addresses. This gives you an in-depth look into a wallet holder’s recent activity. From latest purchases to recent sales, you can see it all! This can be a useful tool if you want to keep track of a specific NFT collector/investor as well as what they are trading.

Track NFTs collections by sales volume is handy to use, especially if you don’t have a specific NFT project on your radar. CryptoSlam gives you the ability to track all the listed NFT collections by sales volume in a period of 24 hours, seven days, 30 days, and even by their all-time sales volume.

This is a good metric to explore if you are curious to know about the overall NFT projects on the market and how their sales compare to each other over the lifespan of each individual project.

Today’s sales volume (project-specific) is the perfect metric to use if you are curious to know the day’s current volume of sales for a specific NFT project. You can find this metric by simply choosing a project to view, and the sales volume will be displayed for that specific project.

Today’s market sellers (project-specific) is a pretty nifty metric because it allows you to see how many people on the market are currently selling a specific NFT project. This is good insight to have if you want to know more about how many people are investing in a project for the long term.

Today’s mints (project-specific) shows you the number of newly minted NFTs over the last 24 hour period. This measurement of mints can help you determine what people are buying and of a project is popular or not.

Top market buyers and sellers (last three days) is a great metric to review the top players in the NFT game. This metric will show you the top buyers and sellers by volume and their wallets as well. That way you are able to view what the top traders are trading.

Current transaction fee (project-specific) is MetaMask’s current estimated gas price (GWEI) to safely send a transaction. The estimated gas fee does vary per project, so make sure you pay close attention to which project you are reviewing.

Live sales will appear immediately after they are confirmed on the blockchain; you don’t even need to refresh your browser. Another noteworthy feature of this metric is that the live sales include sales from all the supported marketplaces. This metric can be used to keep an eye on sale trends and floor pricing fluctuations.

Live marketplace features most newly listed NFTs across the various marketplaces. For OpenSea specifically, the listings will appear every 5 minutes. Live marketplace is awesome to stay informed on any new listings of projects, spanning across all the different marketplaces.

NFT collection ranking by sales volume (24 hours) ranks all the listed NFT projects on CryptoSlam and sorts them by top sales volume in the last 24 hours. This metric will allow you to stay current on what is holding value and what isn’t.

Blockchain by NFTs sales volume (24 hours) gives users the ability to see which blockchains are seeing the most sales. The data provided is all calculated from transactions on all marketplaces tracked by CryptoSlam. This data even includes the owner-to-owner sales. 

Although this data is more focused on blockchain sales volume rather than any specific NFT project, it is still a great indicator of what’s going on in the overall NFT space.

Top NFT collectible sales (24 hours) is based on sales transactions from all products as well as secondary marketplaces that are tracked by CryptoSlam. This metric is straightforward for finding out the top NFT collectible sold in the last 24 hours.

At the end of the day, CryptoSlam is an excellent NFT data tracking tool for anyone in the NFT space. Regardless if it’s your first day learning about NFTs, and even if you are a pro, CryptoSlam can help keep you up-to-date on all the most important NFT trades and trends.

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