Jack Davidson and His Story of SkullVerse NFTs

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Today marks day 5 of ONE37pm's 25 Days of POAP. If you've been with us since day one we appreciate you. If you're just joining us, welcome! For today's POAP we teamed up with Jack, the creator, and mind behind SkullVerse NFTs. Let's take a look at his story and how SkullVerse came to be.

Who is Jack Davidson?

Jack Davidson is a 28-year-old NFT artist born and raised on the East End of Long Island, New York. Jack comes from humble beginnings having grown up in a broken home. As a child, you could find Jack consuming various animated series on Adult Swim and Comedy Central, and playing video games such as Pokemon, which has had a big influence on the art he creates today.

As a student, Jack didn’t take an interest in school, however, he enjoyed illustrating very detailed and explicit images, and many times he expressed his passion for drawing on the bathroom stalls in his school. 

This is how Jack came to be known as the Penis Bandit. He was always known for making others laugh, as this was one of his specialties in addition to his skillful artistic work. 

At the age of 18 after graduating high school, he began selling solar panels to make a living and got away from creating art. Eventually, Jack met his mentor who worked under Jordan Belfort at one point in time.

His mentor saw potential in Jack and trained him in the brokerage life. She would drop him off on Dune Road—a 13-mile stretch of road boasting elegant houses—where Jack would spend nearly all day knocking door-to-door, asking folks if they’re interested in selling their homes until his mentor would swing back around to pick him up.

Eventually, Jack landed his first brokerage deal and was able to list a home successfully for $10 million. Although this was a great accomplishment, he felt that something was missing in his life. 

That’s when he quit his life as a broker and moved to Florida, which was about the same time that the Covid pandemic hit. After living in Florida for only one year, he moved back to his hometown in New York where he continued to work as a part-time social worker for a group home for underprivileged/incarcerated youth.

At this point in time, one of Jack’s childhood friends had mentioned that he should take his love for art onto the blockchain and turn his infamous drawings from school into NFTs. After a few weeks of hesitation, he finally decided to take a leap of faith and create his first NFTs called DickersNFT

He continued to create several characters in the DickersNFT collection, but ultimately, his girlfriend talked him into creating something that everyone could enjoy. That was the moment Jack became real serious about his newfound opportunity and created his SkullKidsNFT collection

SkullKidsNFT is Jack’s second NFT project that he launched in May 2021. This project is individually hand-drawn by Jack to create a collection of rare one-of-one illustrations. Jack has fostered a strong community with this project, which he likes to refer to as his “community milk—the milk of human kindness.”

Members of the SkullKidsNFT community are known to help each other out, and always seem to be paying it forward if needed. SkullKidsNFT proved to be a huge success for Jack and his girlfriend who also helps him out on his projects. 

One thing to note is that the SkullKidsNFT project is actually a project created under Jack’s umbrella brand called SkullVerse.

What is SkullVerse?

SkullVerse is Jack Davidson’s brand and will be in charge of a variety of projects. These projects will range from smaller 1/1 hand-drawn pieces to huge generative creations. The SkullVerse brand is committed to providing a thrilling NFT experience to anybody who appreciates the artwork and functionality. The website will serve as the primary hub from which subsequent projects will be spawned.

Ultimately, SkullVerse is the name of the community and family formed around Jack’s NFT art and his kindness. SkullVerse began as a hand-drawn 1/1 NFT experience and has been done manually over the previous 6 months, thus Jack and his girlfriend are quite knowledgeable and deeply established in the community. 

The most important thing to Jack is his community. He always wants you to feel at home, even if you don't collect his NFTs, he wants his community to be a place where anyone can hang out and be accepted. SkullVerse is the NFT landscape's mom-and-pop shop where “the milk in the community is warm.” 

The most recent NFT project that is minting soon under the SkullVerse brand is called WarKids

The WarKids NFT Project

WarKids is a prequel to an up-and-coming series that is still in the development phase and is set to be the doctrine for the main story. WarKids is the first comprehensive generative project (CGP). A CGP is a project that combines aspects of 1/1 art within a generative aspect. 

The WarKids NFT project has been in ideation for over 5 years and is finally coming to fruition after all of Jack’s hard work and patience. Each NFT in the WarKids collection will be a generated piece of art, however, it will still have the look and feel of a unique hand-drawn project. 

Every little detail in this project is scrupulously designed, creating an extremely high-quality NFT experience like no other. WarKids consists of 6,666 comprehensive generative NFTs that are split into two separate factions. 3,333 are DemonKids and the other 3,333 are AngelKids.

In addition to the two factions, there are 8 different character models, 4 DemonKids and 4 AngelKids all with their own special traits and tribes they belong to. Furthermore, there will be literal one-of-one NFTs that will be mixed into the WarKids project. These one-of-ones will be the main characters in the series that is currently in development.

Jack’s goal with the WarKids project is to maintain a completely transparent project as well as under promise and overdeliver so that all expectations can be fulfilled, including Jack’s. 

The main thing is the animated series that will take years of writing, developing, and sourcing the proper people to assist in the creation of the series and bring it to life. As a way to offer some instant value, one WarKid holder will be airdropped a Mutant Ape #12110 from the MAYC collection in addition to other giveaways mentioned in the project roadmap.

I had the pleasure of asking Jack what his one piece of advice is to someone who’s just starting their own journey as an NFT creator:

Knock until your knuckles turn white. What’s the worst they will tell you? No?

- Jack Davidson

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start knocking, and while you’re at it come and join the SkullVerse community where the community milk is always warm.

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