Catching Up with Jeremy Booth of Bushidos

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Bushidos by Jeremy Booth

Part of why I've personally loved our 25 Days of POAP program is because of how it's allowed me to reconnect with numerous artists I've worked with over the course of my career as an NFT editor. I loved speaking with Jeremy Booth, the illustrator behind Bushidos, back in November; we discussed his NFT project, but also his impressive history of client and personal illustration work. Today, in honor of his collaborative POAP with ONE37pm, he and I got to really dive into the future of Bushidos and what holders—or prospective holders—of the project can expect.

Day of the Daito

Mint a daito (Bushidos holders only)

The Seppuku Event

Those who hold both a Bushido and a Daito by March of 2022 will have an option to conduct a virtual Seppuku, or the Japanese ritual suicide by embowelment. Essentially, holders can burn both tokens to receive a new, ultra-exclusive token: the Ronin. Ronin are samurai who serve no master, so the new form of NFT will reflect this individuality, culminating in a fully separate character class from the first two tokens.

This burning moment will increase rarity of both Bushidos and Ronin, as there will be fewer Bushidos (some will get burned) and there will never be as many Ronin as Bushidos. So it's a win-win for both holders.

The Comic:

The Bushidos are more than just artwork; they'll soon be the protagonists of a burgeoning comic book world. Beginning January 3, the Bushidos team is going into comic production with Macroverse to produce a comic series around the IP.

Throughout the next few months, Bushidos will be hosting community writing classes to gather creators interested in contributing to the fledgling comic. They'll release the comics with a variety of covers, each with a different assigned rarity. By buying the genesis comic, holders will have access to monthly episodes throughout the entirety of Season 2.

Other fun stuff:

Jeremy gives me a sneak peek of some potential metaverse wearables that may become available down the line.

Screen Shot 2021 12 15 at 9.46.39 AM

Additionally, they plan to launch a new comic every season. I'm sure this is just the first of many elements of utility offered by the Bushidos team; we're excited to see what happens next.

Tune into our Twitter Spaces at 3pm EST today to hear Jeremy's story and learn how to get the POAP of the day.

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