Kevin Smith Drops an NFT Project Jam-Packed with Utility

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The film industry has always been successful in the area of collectibles, from officially licensed apparel to the Happy Meal toy or special limited edition “Collector’s Cup”. So, naturally, Hollywood and the film industry have found their way into the NFT space, and one of the first big names to get involved is none other than Silent Bob himself, Mr. Kevin Smith.

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Bluntman and Chronic / Jay and Silent Bob

Smith is the writer and director of many cult classic films. When his first film “Clerks” hit the theaters in 1994, it introduced the world to the notorious coupling that is “Jay and Silent Bob”. These mainstay side characters would be featured in nearly every Kevin Smith movie to follow (Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks 2), ending up with their own cartoon movie “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie!” and their most recent film, “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”, from 2019.

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot / Saban Films

Smith has partnered with Semkhor and the Phantasma blockchain to debut his initial NFT drops, and these aren’t your standard run of the mill NFTs!  The first series is the “Jay and Silent Bob Smokin’ Tokens”, offering 8 different NFTs at 8 different scarcities and packages with multiple price points. The top bidding item is the “Platinum Smokin’ Token”. 

The Break Down:

  1. Smokin’ Token #1 Green (Open Minting)
  1. Smokin’ Token #1 Orange (450 available)
  1. Smokin’ Token #1: Yellow (100 available)
  1. Smokin’ Token #1: Purple (50 available)
  1. Collect All 4 + Signed Smokin’ Tokens t-shirt (40 available)
  1. Smokin’ Token #1: Platinum (3 Auctions)
  1. Killroy Teaser Token (3 day open minting)
  1. Bluntman and Chronic Classic Cover #1 (3 day open minting)

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Smokin' Token #1 Yellow

Through the purchase of the Platinum token the buyer automatically wins a cameo in Smith's next movie “Clerks 3”, which is scheduled to film this summer!

The second NFT (which will go live in May) is a 1 of 1 of Smith’s unreleased film titled “Killroy Was Here.”

The buyer of this NFT will be granted publishing and royalty rights, and will work together with Smith’s team to launch the movie. The buyer then shares in the profits of the film’s revenue. Massive play!

It will be interesting to witness how the entertainment industries will make moves and blow minds within this new and thriving NFT marketplace. The interactions between artists and fans will continue to build relationships in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before. Authenticity, utility, and access are 3 main ingredients that seem to be really connecting artists to success when it comes to an NFT drop. Art is only part of the equation.  Connection will win. 

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