4 Metaverse Events To Watch Out For in Early April

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There’s never a dull moment in the Metaverse!

More and more events are popping up each day across various blockchain-based virtual worlds. From weekly meetups to digital art exhibitions, casino nights, music listening parties and NFT launch events, there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some upcoming events to consider attending in early April:

Graffiti Queens Street Art Show

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Graffiti Queens

On April 3rd, there’s an all female NFT artist group show taking place in Decentraland to help launch the new Vegas City Skatepark Gallery. The show will include work from over 200 artists with live music from GK Radio. The virtual doors open at 08:00pm UTC. Read our full writeup on the event here.

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WTF are NFTs ???

Beginning on April 5th at 06:00pm UTC, the WTF are NFTs ??? conference kicks off inside Decentraland. The event will last for 5 days and feature industry leaders taking an in-depth look at various types of NFTs. Day 1 of the event is all about collectibles, Day 2 is all about art, Day 3 will highlight music, Day 4 will tackle gaming, and Day 5 is about the Metaverse. You’re bound to learn something by attending this event.

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Live NFT Art Auction

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Live NFT Art Auction

Back in Decentraland, on April 6th there’s a live NFT Art auction taking place upstairs in the Tominoya Casino. The event will also feature casino ‘FREE PLAY’ competitions where attendees can earn $DG token airdrops. The top 5 high scorers will each receive tokens, with the highest score taking home $100USD worth of $DG. The event will run from 10:00pm to 11:00pm UTC.

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Weekly WIP Meetup

On Thursday, April 8th, the weekly WIP Meetup will happen inside Cryptovoxels. Every Thursday at 8:00pm UTC, the WIP hosts 3-4 speakers from across the NFT, DeFi and broader crypto space. Speakers hit the virtual stage to introduce themselves, pitch their projects, give updates, answer questions, and connect with hundreds of guests. The next meetup will feature talks from artists Spherical Art, Coldie, and crypto publication NFT Plazas.

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If possible, take the time out to attend at least one of these virtual events. Have the experience for yourself. It may still be early days, but these types of fun and interactive events have the potential to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain-based virtual worlds.

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