Mishka Launches the Keep Watch Crew NFT Project


Welcome back for the twelfth day of ONE37pm’s 25 days of POAP. This time we linked up with Mishka to bring you an exclusive profile on the brand’s clothing and upcoming NFT project, Keep Watch Crew. On top of that, they designed today’s collaborative POAP just for you guys. Now, let’s get right to it.

What is Mishka?

Mishka is a New York City based streetwear brand that has been a stalwart in the scene since its inception in 2003. Founded by Mikhail Bortnik and Greg Rivera, the brand began as a small t-shirt start-up in Brooklyn. It has since blossomed into a massive enterprise that encompasses everything from cut-and-sew garments to its own record label.

Mishka’s ethos is driven by New York’s DIY culture, drawing from the city’s endless supply of inspiration for its eclectic range of bold graphics. The brand pulls influences from various subcultures like punk, hip-hop, skating, and and all things weird. Their most iconic design is the “Keep Watch” eyeball, which has been brought onto the Ethereum blockchain with the new “Keep Watch Crew” NFT collection.

What is Keep Watch Crew?

Come join the Keep Watch Crew! A new project from Mishka brings you into their world with 6969 unique renditions of the iconic “Keep Watch” eyeball designed by the brand's creative director, Mike Jones. Each eyeball is completely hand drawn and features traits that call back to the brand’s 18 year legacy.

It doesn’t just end there, though. Whereas most NFT’s are simply a cool image, Keep Watch Crew provides its owners with unmatched utility. Each Keep Watch Crew NFT comes with a whole host of features that bridges Mishka’s physical world with the digital realm that are outlined in the brand’s roadmap. 

Keep Watch Crew Perks

Minting a Keep Watch Crew NFT gets you a free Mishka hat and pin, and KWC owners have the privilege of receiving a 5% discount on all Mishka products upon minting. You also receive an additional 15% off if they hold the NFT, which means that if you were to mint and hold your Keep Watch, you can get a total of 20% off of everything from the brand. Additionally, holders have the chance to get early and exclusive access to new Mishka clothing and NFTs, including airdrops, as well as future collaborations.

After mint, Mishka will announce roadmap 2.0 which will include lots of exciting perks for holders.

If all of this has you properly hyped up, get ready for the drop December 16th at 6pm est / 3pm pst. Check out Mishka's Discord as well to stay in the loop for the exact mint date, as well as information on the pre-sale.

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