The 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks Ever Sold

Hannah Scherwatzky/Larva Labs

These are the top 10 most expensive CryptoPunk sales as of Oct 2022 converted for USD at the time of sale. While the CryptoPunks floor value converted to USD overall has dropped around 70-80% over the past year, one top 10 sale occurred just last month in Sep of 2022.

There are 5 different punk types with many additional attributes totaling a collection size of 10,000 punks, Male(6039), Female(3840), Zombie(88), Ape(24) and Alien(9). All 10 of the largest sales are Zombies, Apes or Aliens.

10. CryptoPunk #2924- Type: Ape 3.3KΞ ($4.45M)

Larva Labs

With only 1 attribute, a hoodie, Ape CryptoPunk2924 is not as simple as you may think. While only 24 ape punks exist which is the most rare type behind aliens, this is actually the only ape with a hoodie attribute. This punk has traded hands several times. July of 2017 it was sold for $953 and just two days later sold for $1438.

It was not sold again until Nov 2020 when seedphrase.eth bought it for $71,403. Amazingly, Seedphrase is more known to use another punk PFP, CryptoPunk 8348, which sports 7 attributes(the only punk in the entire collection with 7 traits) including the distinctive top hat, cigarette, big beard, classic shades, buck teeth, an earring and a mole. Seedphrase has bought 60 punks.

He sold 24 of them and transferred the rest into another account including this hoodie ape. He held onto it until Sep 2022 where he made headlines for this top 10 sale at $4.45M. Seedphrase currently still holds 19 punks in this wallet, has 3 up for sale and has sold 16 other punks.

9. CryptoPunk #6275- Type: Zombie (1.32KΞ ($5.12M)

Larva Labs

Our first Zombie punk on the list. With 2 attributes, a shadow beard and a dark mohawk, this CryptoPunk was only sold two times since it was claimed. Wildly, both sales took place on the same day for a profit of $1.23M!

On Sep 4th of 2021 the original owner sold this punk to Pranksy for $3.98M. The very same day Pranksy offered the punk up and started receiving several offers from one account when ETH was trading close to record highs. It sold only hours later for $5.12M. Pranksy is a very well known NFT trader. He has bought and sold hundreds of punks over the years and in just this account has sold 639 CryptoPunks.

8. CryptoPunk #7252- Type: Zombie (1.6KΞ ($5.33M))

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Larva Labs

Sporting 3 attributes, a chinstrap, earring and crazy hair, Zombie CryptoPunk7252 was last sold in Aug of 2021 for $5.33M to a VC company called Dragonfly. The original owner held onto it from 2017 to Aug 2021 when it was sold for $2.53M. This 1st buyer shows ties to Cozomo de’ Medici as other punks bought by this account were eventually transferred to a wallet containing Cozomo’s famous PFP, Punk3831. It was only 20 days later when it was sold again for $5.33M. 7 other punks have been bought by this account.

7. CryptoPunk #5217- Type: Ape (2.25KΞ ($5.45M))

Larva Labs

Displaying 2 attributes, a knitted cap and a gold chain, this styling Ape CryptoPunk5217 was last sold in July of 2021 for $5.45M. It was sold only one other time before this in Dec of 2017 when it was sold to Snofro for only $1884. Not much is known about the latest buyer. It was transferred that same day to a possible vault wallet. The wallet owns 6 other punks and 2 are currently for sale(Punk5217 is not for sale). Besides this wallet holding punks, it also holds millions of dollars worth of other NFTs including Fidenzas, rare XCOPY’s, Meebits, Autoglyphs and much more.

6. CryptoPunk #8857- Type: Zombie (2KΞ ($6.63M))

Larva Labs

Sporting 2 attributes, Wild Hair and 3D Glasses, Zombie CryptoPunk #8857 was last sold on Sep 11th of 2021 for $6.63M. It has changed hands only one other time when it was sold on May 2nd of 2018 for 2.50Ξ ($1,717) It is currently owned by Ser Shokunin. It was transferred after the purchase to another wallet containing several Chain Runners and CrypToadz. No other punks currently reside in either wallet and both wallets have never bought or sold another Punk besides this. The original seller had minted a staggering 140 CryptoPunks for free in 2017 but unfortunately sold most of them before the major run ups in price in 2021.

5. CryptoPunk #7804- Type: Alien (4.2KΞ ($7.57M))

Larva Labs

The first Alien CryptoPunk has hit the list. Displaying 3 attributes, a forward cap, small shades and a pipe, Alien CryptoPunk7804 was last sold in Mar of 2021 for $7.57M. It was sold only 1 other time before this when it was sold in Jan of 2018 for $14,988.

The 1st buyer bought 12 punks very early on in 2018 totalling around $27000 including this alien. 2 were sold including this alien punk and an ape with a fedora. The rest were transferred to Dylan Field, the CEO of Figma. Dylan has bought other punks and still holds 14. The newest buyer, Peruggia, still holds onto 8 other punks. 3 are for sale including this Alien punk sporting a new price tag of $11.65M. 21 punks have been bought by Peruggia and 12 have been sold.

4. CryptoPunk #3100- Type: Alien (4.2KΞ ($7.58M))

Larva Labs

Sporting just 1 attribute, a headband, Alien CryptoPunk3100 was last sold in Mar of 2021 for $7.58M. It was sold only 1 other time before this when it was sold in July of 2017 for only $2127.

The first buyer does not have a social media account that can be found but goes by moineau on Opensea. The 1st buyer still holds 36 other punks and has sold a staggering 213 other punks including a second alien. The new buyer also seems to be anonymous and does not own any other punks. This punk is currently on sale for 35,000 ETH or $45.8M.

3. CryptoPunk #5577- Type: Ape (2.5KΞ ($7.7M))

Larva Labs

Displaying just 1 attribute, a cowboy hat, Ape CryptoPunk5577 was sold in Feb of 2022 for $7.7M. At only 2.5k ETH which is far lower than other sales above, with the ETH prices in Feb of 2022 still over $3000 at that time, this sale shoots this purchase up to the top 3 sales. Originally held by straybits.eth, a CryptoPunk “OG” who claimed many punks in 2017 for free, this punk was never sold but just transferred around into different wallets until this record sale. Straybits still owns 2 punks and sold many other punks including multiple alien punks.

Unfortunately many of the sales of those very rare alien punks took place in 2017, long before many of the record alien punk sales we are seeing on this list today. In fact, of the 9 alien punks in existence, Straybits over time had possession of 7 of them at some point in time. The new owner currently holds 8 other punks. 6 are for sale including this Ape listed for 4k ETH currently worth $5.24M. Certainly a loss in USD value if sold but a gain in the amount of ETH from the last sale. The current owner does not have a social media account but is a large collector of other NFTs including a bored ape and 92 Otherside land deeds. The collector also paid 171.99 ETH 2 years ago for the only SNL NFT “What the hell’s an NFT?”.

2. CryptoPunk #4156- Type: Ape (2.5KΞ ($10.26M))

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Larva Labs

Another Ape punk hits the top 3. With 1 attribute, a bandana, Ape CryptoPunk4156 has really been through a lot of hands. It was claimed for free in June of 2017, sold in Aug of 2017 for a penny worth of ETH, sold again a year later in Aug of 2018 for $64, sold again in Sep of 2018 for $645 and then sold in Feb of 2021 for $1.25M.

The bull market moved into full swing in 2021 and by Dec of 2021, ETH was trading over 4k USD. On Dec 9th of 2021, ETH was about $4,100 when this Ape Punk was sold for 2,500 ETH totalling $10.26M. In July of 2022, the punk was transferred into another wallet and subsequently sold for 2.69k ETH or $3.31M. Far less in USD value than the record sale but a gain in ETH. When checking this wallet we find a different story.

There are 22 punks held, 34 punks bought and 17 punks sold. We can also see a huge collection of very rare and expensive NFTs. Going just by the name zoomc on Opensea, there are ultra rare Meebits, Autoglyphs, Chromie Squiggles, Ringers and hundreds of other NFTs. Using wallet scanning tools, I found the inventory value to be over $8M. There is no social media account connected to this account.

1. CryptoPunk #5822- Type: Alien (8KΞ ($23.7M))

Larva Labs

Coming in at number 1, this Alien Punk sale blew everything out of the water in terms of ETH spent and USD value. Containing just 1 attribute, a bandana, Alien CryptoPunk5822 was last sold in Feb of 2022 for $23.7M. This is arguably the most recognized punk in existence being bought by Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal(deepak.eth).

Straybits was the original minter of this Alien back in Jun of 2017 for free and sold it the next month on July 10th of 2017 to an unknown buyer for 8 ETH or $1646.

The unknown buyer currently still holds 61 punks, has 8 for sale and has sold 42 punks. In Feb of 2021 this Alien punk was transferred to a second wallet which also contained another Alien punk #5905 which was also bought from Straybits 6 days earlier on July 4th of 2017 for 10 ETH or $2690.

A year later in Feb 2022 the record sale occurred. The other Alien punk  #5905 is still in the wallet to this day. Fun fact, on Oct 29th of 2021, the holder of both alien punks received a bid of 20.4k ETH worth over $87M at the time and was not accepted.

Deepak does not have any other Punks in the wallet but is still an avid collector of other projects including the NFTs from the Bored Ape ecosystem, Drifter Shoots “Where My Vans Go” and more.

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