The Music NFT Blueprints: Domino and Presessence Vol. 1

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Greetings future thinkers. After a 4 month hiatus, I’m diving back into the Music NFT scene.  

I am amazed to see the thriving energy within so many NFT communities. It is also eye-opening seeing how things have completely fallen off with others. I am impressed by several independent artists that have made astounding moves during the last few months; they are thriving financially, extending their reach, and growing their fanbase.

Creators that once gave up their dreams of artistic success are now living with six-figure incomes, sharing their newfound stability directly with the communities of supporters they have built.

Introducing Domino

My next profile is Domino from the West Coast. Like most successful artists, his seemingly overnight success actually took upwards of a decade. During this time, his experiences led him to discover the pure potential of music combined with the disruptive force of NFT technology.  

His creativity started back in his younger years when he focused on becoming one of the world's best closeup card magicians. Domino loved the energy of psychological analysis of the mind in tandem with the mastering of slight hand techniques, skills necessary to becoming an authentic and masterful illusionist.

Spoken word poetry became his next love. His understanding of the human condition utilized with his metaphoric wordplay propelled him organically into becoming a true conscious lyricist.  

Earlier this year he ventured into the NFT world, minting his own art, poetry, and lyric sheets.  

Thrilled with the traction that was happening, he found the confidence to put his original music on the blockchain. Minting on platforms that we all know and love (OpenSea, Foundation, Rarible), Domino connected with like-minded visual artists in the space and created a concept for his first series of blockchain dedicated music.

Costello Captures

His latest album “Presessence Vol. 1” is a well-crafted package that is jam-packed with an authentic set of art, music, videos, and utility for holders that will continue to provide benefits for the duration of ownership.  

I listened in on one of the Twitter spaces where Domino explained the concept of his album. He communicated that winning a Grammy is on his bucket list;  “Presessence Vol. 1” represents the ride he will be taking in the limo while on the way to accepting his first award. 

Talk about manifestation through foreshadowing!

This album is a well-crafted sonic pleasure if you are a fan of great music production, exquisite vocals, and thoughtful lyricism. Domino delivers the raps of an OG while keeping it sexy with the melodic warm tones of his singing voice.  

The project is a well packaged concept that will be gifting its original holders with loads of airdrops, accessibility, bonus content and reserve tokens—as well as VIP access to live concert events. Each NFT includes a song from the album and a unique artwork done by different prominent artists in the NFT community. This labor of love is presented for just one gas fee, with 7777 available.

Each NFT includes seven short films composed of seven custom art designs created by animators from DC and Marvel comics in addition to the album. This labor of love is presented for just one gas fee.

There was a 24-hour drop that took place via the minting page The original holder community voted for the minting to continue through December 11th for .0777 ETH.  After that, all unsold tokens would be burned, with secondary sales of the original mints accessed on OpenSea.

In case you're wondering, the epic news is that this artist had his hard work pay off, and garnered $80,000 in sales on the first day! At that point, Domino made a second wallet that receives a portion of each sale. The money earned will be used as scholarship funds to help independent artists with their initial gas fees for minting on OpenSea.

The team behind the project consists of Domino (Executive Producer of all music and Videos), Bitcoinsky (Custom Mint Page Developer), and Deangelo Harding shot all the short films leading up to the album drop. 

Visual artists in order of appearance include: Chemical Messiah, Subtle Bubble, Max Schulz, Liquid Density, Jon Anderson, No Paradigms, Eleven. Producers in order of apearance: Joao Taborda, B11ce, Ian Francis, KEV, Wyatt Starks, and Steeziak. Juan Doe, (the first artist to do the first bilingual Marvel comic ever) illustrated the comic book cover, which is the first airdrop for holders.   

Liquid Density

There are so many of these wonderful stories taking place all over the world now. We’re on a mission to help everyone dial in their own version of the NFT blueprint.

If you have had an amazing experience occur within the Music NFT space (or even a huge failure), reach out to us, and let’s continue to nurture each other while elevating through this digital renaissance era!

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