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It’s been about a week since our last article at One37pm on NBA Top Shot and boy have some major things happened. At the time that article was posted, the record for sales in one day on NBA Top Shot peaked at around $6 million on January 24th.  

One month later, all previous records have been absolutely shattered.  Check out the new sales data on the official website.

nba topshot rresources 0001 Graph 2

The new record high for sales in one day peaked at over $40 million (!!) on February 23rd, 2020.  

But what has led to the parabolic rise? Well, a lot. NBA Top Shot is everywhere on the internet these days. Barstool Sports, ESPN, Social Media Influencers, and even NBA players themselves have joined in on the hype. 

We have seen NBA players including LaMelo Ball, Josh Hart, Damion Lee, PJ Washington, Cole Anthony, and more talking about NBA Top Shot on Twitter. Watch this clip from Sacramento Kings star rookie, Tyrese Haliburton, talking Top Shot in a post-game presser.

This may seem like an obvious resource, but there are some important aspects to be aware of when navigating the NBA Top Shot website. New Top Shot users should navigate to the ‘Community’ tab, where they can find two key resources. The first resource is the ‘Getting Started Guide.’ 

nba topshot rresources 0002 Graph 3
NBA Top Shot

Using this resource, new users are able to read about the product basics of NBA Top Shot. The ‘Getting Started Guide’ includes information on:

  • Explaining the queue
  • The Official NBA Top Shot Challenge Guide
  • A guide to challenges
  • The Xs and Os of retired moments
  • The Codex
  • Fees & Finances
  • Welcome to The Beta

All of this information that is provided to you directly by the official website, is a great way for a new user to dip deeper into the water that is NBA Top Shot.

NBA Top Shot Discord

The second key resource provided by NBA Top Shot's "Community" tab is the official Top Shot Discord. For those of you new to Discord, it is an instant messaging platform that is specifically designed for building communities. The Top Shot Discord has a lot of channels to it, so I will highlight what I have found to be the most useful.

Stress-testers-announcements: The primary function of this channel is to communicate ‘Stress Tests’, which are pack drops. Pack Drops are great ways to start building your collection at a low cost and are critical for new collectors to be a part of.

Site-status-issues: The Top Shot website is still in beta, so maintenance is regular. This channel lets users know when the marketplace is live. During maintenance, users are not able to buy, sell, or gift moments.

General: The general channel can be used to communicate with tens of thousands of other Top Shot users in an open forum. As you may expect, things become a bit toxic from time to time. I avoid this channel for the most part but check in every once in a while for entertainment.

Buying/Selling/Marketplace-chat: This is one of my favorite channels to hang out in. A user can post moments that are for sale or even inquire about a specific moment they are looking to purchase.  Often in these channels, you may be able to strike a deal for a moment if you reach out to users via Discord DM.

Top Tools for Market/Moment Analytics:

Crypto Slam

Cryptoslam is one of the simplest tools for analyzing the Top Shot market. The information is provided in a straightforward and easy-to-digest format for users. The four charts on the top show users' data and trends that are key when evaluating the market.

nba topshot rresources 0003 Graph 4

Today’s Sales Volume: The number shown in USD is the value of all marketplace sales over the past 24 hours.  

Today’s Market Buyers:  The number of users making a purchase on the marketplace over the past 24 hours.

Today’s Market Sellers:  The number of users selling a moment on the marketplace over the past 24 hours.

Today’s Mints: The number of newly minted moments over the past 24 hours.

Also included on Crypto Slam, are the latest sales, listings, and moments minted.  This is all provided to the user in real-time.  

Crypto Slam is one of my staple NBA Top Shot tools to form an analysis on the current market state.

Evaluate Market

Evaluate Market is my personal favorite tool to use for all things NBA Top Shot. On the website's homepage, users can see a snapshot of total market sales in terms of dollars and volume. I spend the majority of my time on Evaluate Market in ‘Moments,’ ‘Account Value,’ and ‘Market Movers.’


On the moments' page, users are able to do a deep dive into the analytics on an individual moment. Users enter the name of the player and the moment (Set/Series) they are looking to analyze.  

For example, check out the analytics on the LeBron James, Base Set (Series 2) 3 Pointer.

nba topshot rresources 0004 Graph 6

Users are able to see all relevant data points related to the specific moment in a one-stop-shop. Market Cap, % of Packs/Owned, Average Sale Price Trend, and Volume Trend are just a few of this useful tool's offerings.

Account Value

I hate to admit it, but the Account Value page is one of the resources on Evaluate Market I find myself using most often.  There’s just something about hitting the F5 button on this page and watching the value of your account move.  

The Account Value tool allows users to search any username on NBA Top Shot and see what their account is worth using current marketplace lows. 

nba topshot rresources 0007 Graph 8
Evaluate Market

Also, when searching an account name, users are able to see details on each individual moment owned.  Included features are lowest ask, purchase price, moment, category, set, and serial.  Also, by clicking on the moment icon, users are taken to the moment evaluation page I highlighted above.

Market Movers

Last but not least, we have the Market Movers feature.  This tool allows users to filter by ‘Avg Floor Today’, % Change (24 hr), and Floor Volume.

nba topshot rresources 0006 Graph 7
Evaluate Market

This can be used to identify moments that are trending down or up, which is very useful when making a decision whether or not to invest in a moment.

Twitter accounts to follow:

Twitter is one of the best places to stay up to date on everything happening NBA Top Shot. I listed a few of my favorite Twitter accounts (including mine) that I recommend following.

@NBA_TopShot - The Official NBA Top Shot Account

@TheFirstMint - The First Mint was one of the first NFT / Top Shot accounts I followed.  They cover everything NBA Top Shot and provide some of the best real-time info on Twitter. Be on the lookout for their new website coming soon!

@OwnTheMomentNFT - Own The Moment provides in-depth analysis and strategy on how to succeed as a collector on NBA Top Shot. Check out their website as well.

@PeterOverzet - Welcome to the CLUB! The world’s first NBA Top Shot comedian who hosts a live stream called ‘Club Top Shot’ on Youtube (most recently featuring Warrior’s Damion Lee.)

@Bobby2Nicee - My Twitter account where I drop tidbits on my NBA Top Shot thoughts/experience.

Bobby’s Best Buy

Spencer Dinwiddie 

Layup - Base Set (Series 2)

Lowest Ask: $24

Brooklyn Nets guard, Spencer Dinwiddie, is currently out recovering from a partially torn ACL.  Recently an article was published where Dinwiddie expressed his desire to return to the action this season and how his recovery is ahead of schedule.  Presumably, any return to action would happen during a Brooklyn Nets playoff run.  IF Dinwiddie does return, and IF the Brooklyn Nets win the championship, this could be the only moment we see Dinwiddie in a championship-winning season. At $24, he would be a bargain.

nba topshot rresources 0005 Graph 9
NBA Top Shot


NBA Top Shot has solidified itself in the NFT and NBA world as a product that is here to stay.  These resources will help you stay up to date and educated on all things NBA Top Shot and allow you to become sharper as a collector and/or investor.  Stay tuned for more content coming soon around NBA Top Shot!

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