How the Next Generation Will Utilize the Internet

Next Gen Internet use
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Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and as a result, so do the ways that people utilize it. The internet is one piece of technology that is evolving nonstop, and now with Web3 on the rise, the next generation will utilize the internet in ways unimaginable.

The next generation will use the internet to communicate with others in a new and immersive way, play games, trade digital assets, and even make a living doing so.

You might ask, “Aren’t we already doing this now?” Perhaps to a degree, but not to the levels that we can expect to see in the next 5 to 10 years with the implementation of virtual reality technology, play-to-earn gaming, and the metaverse.

The internet as we know it today

Next Generation internet Web 2.0
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The internet as we know it today is referred to as Web 2.0. Many of us use the internet on a daily basis to communicate, consume content and goods, as well as engage in various online activities. That being said, there is a limit to what we can do digitally using Web 2.0.

The core of everything that happens online stems from the real world. Brands sell real-world products using the internet as a tool to raise awareness.

People consume online content to gain knowledge and value that is then used in the real world. And online activities are just that, simply something you can do online to pass time, like playing a video game or watching a video, but there’s not much value aside from that.

One example comes from the younger generation of gamers. Gamers love using real-world money to buy new skins for their characters or unlocking new maps and accessories. Besides being able to use these newly acquired items in-game, there’s not much that can be done with them or value that can be extracted from them. 

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Eventually, after the game dies down and the next-best edition is released, all that hard-earned money you spent to buy in-game items goes to waste.

You can’t take your skins to the next game, you can’t sell them to someone else for a profit, they simply vanish into thin air. That is until you decide to pull the game back out a few years later for a quick hit of nostalgia, then it's back into your closet for another decade.

Although this is the current way we do things online, it’s not what the future holds. The future of the internet is set to offer users complete ownership, control, and transparency in everything they do online.

From creating and consuming content to meeting up with friends and family, the next generation of internet users will live a completely different online lifestyle than we are accustomed to today.

How the next generation will utilize the internet

How the next generation will utilize the internet
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The next generation of internet users will still utilize the internet to communicate, socialize, play games, build businesses, and everything in between. But, it will be much more immersive, and users will have the ability to extract more value from their digital assets like in-game accessories and even content they create.

Web3 is the next phase of the internet and is largely what the new generation of internet users will be utilizing. 

What is Web3? Web3 is regarded as a new iteration of the World Wide Web, based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts like decentralization and token-based economics.

The technology you’d only expect to see in a sci-fi movie is becoming our new reality. As more people are consuming digital media and taking their brands and businesses online, our economy is finally beginning to realize that people actually value things in a digital world. 

Things like a blue checkmark on Twitter, in-game accessories and maps, as well as all the high-quality content that lives online are finally being recognized as something of value. So, what does this mean for the future of internet users?

How will the internet affect the next generation?

Next Gen Internet User
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The internet will enable the next generation of users to easily earn a full-time living online through buying, selling, and trading digital assets, creating content, and earning a respectable income for their hard work. 

In today’s world, it seems as though many of us are just beginning to understand that the internet can be used for many great things, both monetarily and to influence others in a positive way. In the near future, buying and selling digital assets will be the new norm, similar to how people today buy and sell goods on eBay and Amazon.

The difference is that you won’t be limited to the things you can trade. Web3 allows you to trade literally anything, and provide value to anyone. Physical, digital, and a combination of the two will all be acceptable and considered to be normal, whereas today flipping NFTs seems like something only a degen would do, and many people don’t see the potential.

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Additionally, things that don’t provide as much value today, will become one of the main sources of income for the next generation. Gamers will play games because they enjoy the game, sure, but it will go far beyond just playing a game.

Dedicated gamers who put hours of work into their craft will finally be rewarded with digital assets that can be traded for real money. What some people consider a waste of time now, will be looked up to in the future.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg has already set aside more than $150 million to train people on the ways of Web3. This money is geared towards building out the metaverse and all that comes with it such as play-to-earn gaming, building virtual worlds and businesses, as well as other programs that the next generation of internet users will utilize.

The ultimate goal of Web3 and the next generation of its users is to give the power back to the creators who actually contribute to the internet economy.

Whether you are simply someone who wants to be rewarded for crafting your skills in a game, or someone who spends time creating educational or entertaining content online for others, we all desire the same thing—to be rewarded for our efforts.

Examples of how the next generation will adapt to the new internet

how the next generation will adapt to the new internet
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By now you either think I’m crazy, a genius, or a bit of both. To clear things up, I want to provide some examples of how the next generation of internet users will be raised on this new iteration of the internet.

Take for example the gaming industry. Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite are all known for capturing the youth's attention. The crazy thing about games like Fortnite is that not only does it amass huge followings, but the game stays culturally relevant and is flexible when it comes to evolving with the times.

Because of its flexibility and cultural relevance, Fortnite has easily managed to sell over $50 million worth of skins, from a single set! What’s even more impressive is that these skins have no other value beyond the Fortnite game. You can’t sell them, and you can’t use them in any other games besides Fortnite.

Examples of how the next generation will adapt to the new internet
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But, what if you could trade these in-game skins and even use them across different games? Well, that’s exactly what Web3 allows you to do. Since NFTs allow you to prove ownership of digital assets and trade them with others, players in these types of games will be able to earn money and trade their in-game items with other players.

Moreover, the potential to use your in-game assets in other games is high, and very likely in the near future, giving in-game assets an entirely new value proposition.

The way we play games today will be forever changed with the implementation of NFTs and blockchain technology. No longer will the companies behind these games be reaping all the benefits of sales and collaborations. Now, so will the players.

People who spend hours upon hours playing games will finally get paid for their dedication. More people will want to play these games, and more money and resources will flow through these games as well. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation.

This new iteration of the internet will provide the world with numerous job opportunities, many of which you won’t even need to leave your home for. We are already seeing a large number of people starting to work from home, and we should only expect to see more of that as technology continues to advance.

new iteration of the internet
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Of course, some might argue that this future is not all fun and games. Many fear a digitalized world full of anti-social beings who never see the light of day, and as a result, will be negatively impacted. 

Although this may be true, I’d argue that we are already living out that fear today. So, will it continue to get worse as technology advances?

Not necessarily. 

I believe that this new iteration of the internet isn’t in addition to all our already bad and unhealthy habits, rather, it will eventually consume the internet we know and love today, and completely replace it. Similar to how Web 2.0 consumed Web 1.0, Web 3.0 is sure to take over the internet.

Whether it’s for better or worse, no one knows for sure. But, I do know that ultimately it’s our choice as humans to use the internet for bad or good. The choice is yours. How will you utilize the internet?

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