August 13th's NF3 Recap: DeadFellaz, Gutter Cat Gang, MetaHero Universe and More

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm (OpenSea: DeadFellaz, Gutter Cat Gang)

Web3.0 moves pretty fast. We can't possibly cover every single moment in the ever-evolving space, but we at ONE37pm are going to begin recapping big moments in the world of NFTs as they occur. "NF3" means 3 NFT moments every day, get it? From drops of developing projects to launches of new collections, here are a few big moments from Friday, August 13th to keep your eyes on.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. DeadFellazNFT

DeadFellaz drop sold out in under an hour today. This project is still brand new, but their team has linked a lot of interesting utility to the tokens, and the community around the project is rapidly growing. It's a collection of 10,000 avatars, a la CryptoPunks, but, interestingly, none of the traits are explicitly gendered (which is the case with lots of other projects), allowing "all genders to find representation."

It's unclear exactly which traits hold the most rarity right now, but go ahead and browse the secondary market on OpenSea to familiarize yourself with the collection.

2. Gutter Cat Gang Announcements

Slow and steady wins the race. Gutter Cat Gang boasts over 50% unique ownership and has a solid base of die hard fans. Their original drop was only 3000 unique cats and—about a month in—they gave each Cat owner a Gutter Rat. News last night hit that if you own a Cat and a Rat, you'll be airdropped a new unknown avatar. Transactions erupted on the floor starting at around .4 ETH and are currently sitting at .7. What's even more impressive was the number of transactions above 1 ETH. GCG has also scheduled GutterCon in Vegas further strengthening the community.  

Shoutout Darren Ogoff for the assist on this one.

3. Pixel Vault Peek of MetaHero Universe

The folks over at Pixel Vault are always making crazy moves. You've got to really dive into to their Discord to keep up with everything going on; between the Punks Comic and MetaHero Universe, there's a lot to read up on.

Head over to their website to read up on the universe; the exact release date is still unknown but set for some time this month. Here's a blurb from their site explaining the project:

"Home to the MetaHero Identities, MetaHero Universe is comprised of 10 planets to be owned and governed by their respective planetary DAOs. Each NFT represents one share of planetary DAO membership. As a social and gaming platform, the MetaHero Universe will allow supporters to be more than just holders: the community will collectively own, develop, and manage the universe. Each planet will be its own unique, interactive environment, providing revenue opportunities to the DAOs and players via land-based sales, environmental resources, wearables, gameplays, and more."

Other stuff to watch:

CoolCats announced a collaboration with TIME, which is taking the form of a meme submission competition. The winners of the competition will receive one of the pieces from the partnership. Check their site for all the info on the competition, which is live form now until next Friday.

There's also been a big floor sweep going on today following the news, so Cool Cats continues to be one of the hottest projects in the game right now.

The Treeverse Alpha from Loopify is still pretty new (it's closed right now), but definitely a cool game to read up on this weekend.

Billed as "The RuneScape of Blockchain Games," the alpha looks really interesting and, with NFT games gaining tons of popularity, this is definitely worth following.

Of course, there's a lot more than just the above happening in the world of Web3.0, so keep your eyes peeled for good looking projects on the horizon. And remember that—with all NFT projects—community matters.

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