September 13th's NF3 Recap: MoonCats, Cool Cats and More Art Blocks

It's no secret that we're in a bit of a bear market in the world of NFTs right now, but that doesn't mean that the gears aren't still turning. Despite relatively lower market volume compared to preceding weeks, this week has still seen major drops, announcements and consistent traffic from some of the largest communities in the space. Without further ado, let's explore three big moments in NFTs; welcome back to NF3.

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1. Mooncats Are Headed to Sotheby's

In the latest piece of news sending an OG NFT project to a major auction house, the Mooncats, which date all the way back to 2017, are headed to Sotheby's. Both Curio Cards and Art Blocks will be making appearances at Christie's auction on October 1st, and now Mooncats are joining the roster of NFTs making the jump to the traditional art world with a major auction house.

There is no exact date yet, but the news certainly impacted the floor for the project on OpenSea. Mooncats are unique compared to some other older projects (like CryptoPunks or Curio Cards) because they've conducted some new releases (or "rescues") in recent years, but the OG cats from the 2017 rescue are approaching a floor of 5 ETH. At the time of writing, the overall floor is at 1.37 ETH. Mooncats confirmed fans of the brand.

2. Cool Cats Are Planning... Something?

The Cool Cats are up to something. This post from September 3rd seemed to be hinting at the next phase for the project, and the last few days have seen some pretty massive traffic for the collection overall.

I mean, take a look at those numbers. There's also some sort of war going on between Milk Jugs and Milk Bags in the Discord. If you're really tapped into the Cool Cats Discord, can you explain to us what is going on? All we know for sure is that Cool Cats is having a moment and its highest-ever traffic on OpenSea. We only have cryptic info about the next phase for now, but this is certainly a project to watch as more announcements unfold.

3. Today's Curated Art Blocks Drop from Monica Rizzolli

I know we talk about Art Blocks a lot, but they continue to curate some of the most visually interesting collections in the game, bringing in numerous groundbreaking artists on a weekly basis. We want to highlight their latest drop simply because of how breathtaking it is. The work from Monica Rizzolli is, quite simply, gorgeous.

Read the conversation that the Art Blocks team did with Rizzolli ahead of the drop, as it's an amazing read for NFT collectors and art fans alike. From an aesthetic perspective, this is personally one of my favorite NFT projects I've seen to date. At the time of writing, the floor for Fragments of an Infinite Field has already eclipsed 7.5ETH—with good reason.

Other cool stuff to check out:

One CryptoPunk in particular had an insane week, so much so that it led DCL Blogger to conduct a bit of a deep dive into its history and the greater NFT landscape generally.

After a couple flips, CryptoPunk 8857 sold for a whopping 2,000 ETH this past Saturday. Of course, as is the case when any NFT sells for this sort of headline-grabbing figure, it led to a lot of questions from the community. You can browse the full transaction history here.

Following the sale, DCL Blogger, a leading voice in the NFT landscape, provided a lot of information about the NFT market in general, answering many of the first questions collectors get from outsiders. It's a great read:

This has been another edition of NF3. As always, we'll be back soon. WGMI.

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