Displaying NFT Art Collections Inside Virtual Galleries

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In a previous post I discussed why I think NFT Wearables are the ultimate digital flex. The idea of applying digital scarcity to virtual clothing is a great example of NFT utility. If you’ve not read that article, I think it’s definitely worth your time. You can find that here

Utility can get lost in all the big money sale headlines, but I think it’s important to highlight some of the usefulness of NFTs, besides simply selling. In the current landscape, there are a few interesting NFT use cases worth noting. I look forward to covering most of them in future posts, but today, I’d like to focus on NFT Art and how these tokens can be used within virtual worlds.

Displaying NFT Artwork

If you’re into collecting NFT Art, at some point you’ll want to show off your collection. Having it tucked away inside your crypto wallet is not the best way to flex your purchases. Nope. The best way to flex your NFT Artworks is to display them in a virtual gallery. Just like galleries in the real world, virtual galleries are ideal for exhibiting a collection.

nft visual art galleries 0004 MakersPlace DCL 2

Many NFT Art collectors have taken to blockchain-based virtual worlds like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels to build their galleries. Doing this requires a purchase of some virtual land, and the skill set to build upon it. If you don’t have the time or the skill to build a gallery, no worries. You can hire someone in the NFT community to build it for you. There are virtual estate developers like Ogar who are perfect for the task.

But collectors aren’t the only one’s building galleries. The NFT Art marketplaces themselves (i.e. SuperRare, MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, also have a presence within the Metaverse. Let’s take a look at some dope NFT Art galleries you can visit right now.

NFT Art Gallery Tour

nft visual art galleries 0005 MakersPlace DCL

It’s not uncommon for NFT Art marketplaces to have more than one gallery. In fact, MakersPlace has multiple locations across the Metaverse. The image above is their gallery inside Decentraland.

nft visual art galleries 0003 MakersPlace CV

And this is the MakersPlace gallery located within Cryptovoxels. You’ll notice each gallery has a distinct look and feel to match the world in which it exists. Not only is the artwork exhibited here great for discovery, but because they are NFTs, they can be easily purchased by clicking through to the listing.

nft visual art galleries 0001 Async CV

Here is a look at the Async gallery located inside Gangnam; the same Cryptovoxels district as the MakersPlace gallery above. The Gangnam District of Cryptovoxels has a heavy focus on NFT Art and is one of the more developed districts within the Metaverse.

nft visual art galleries 0000 Async CV 2

The Async gallery features fun programmable artworks like First Supper and Right Place & Right Time. Programmable artwork is one of those interesting NFT use cases I mentioned earlier. I will delve into more of what this means in a future article.

nft visual art galleries 0002 KnownOrigin DCL

Finally, another cool gallery to check out is the KnownOrigin gallery. It features both static and animated artworks from some of the early NFT Art adopters. The building itself is quite artistic and does a good job of standing out. Additionally, virtual nightclubs and the Decentraland Museum are great locations to find artwork.

If you ask me, utility adds greater value than mere speculation. The ability to display NFTs in this way makes them a lot more useful than simply sitting in a wallet collecting digital dust.

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