The NFT Music Culture is Changing Lives Around the World

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

There is no mistaking what is happening at this particular place in time and space. The infinite possibilities of NFT technology have changed lives all over the world, and I mean this quite literally.

Recently, I find myself involved with an ever-expanding group of musicians, singer/songwriters, audiophiles and music producers.  The exciting part has been the connections created with people from over 30 different countries.  Every single person in the community brings an immense amount of experience from all facets of the multiple layers of the music industry. Now imagine that same type of community existing for photographers, and then another for digital artists, and then another for 3D metaverse developers. This is happening right now over on the Telegram app. The main driver of this particular community of world artisans I’m referencing is the Ghost Market Music Group (, which is built on the Phantasma Blockchain (  

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Indigo Saint

Mzwakhiwe Nywenya aka: Indigo Saint comes from the city of Bulawayo located in The Republic of Zimbabwe. Indigo Saint and I immediately connected on Telegram. We are both fans of using the voice feature for conversations. This technology made it a very seamless process to be able to walk him through the steps of opening a new wallet and getting his first NFT minted.  

In conversation with him, we have become friends, learning much about how each of our cultures are dealing with the world and the way things have now become within our own environments. One thing that really stuck out to me was when Indigo mentioned the rolling electrical blackouts that occur multiple times in any given week. Staying up late on the nights when the internet is accessible has become a way of getting work done for the Independent Artists Association of Zimbabwe: Cottage #47.  The night when I had walked him through the process, he was up until 7:00 am to get his first NFT up onto the market. The next morning, we had discovered that it was sold within the first 4 hours of being placed.  He had set the price at 50 SOUL coin. On that day, SOUL was sitting right at .58 cents USD, meaning that Indigo Child had become the first musical artist from Zimbabwe to sell a music NFT for roughly $29 USD.  (SOUL is sitting at .70 cents USD as I type this, meaning that Indigo Saint’s first NFT is currently valued at $35 USD). 

Music NFT from Belladonna is Making History Over in Italy!

Moving over to Italy, well known rockers Belladonna have made history by being the first Italian musicians to release a song as an NFT. They have received positive press from Reuters - Italy and Italian Billboard magazines for their groundbreaking concept titled “New Future Travelogue”. This limited edition 1 of 1 is up now for auction on the Ghost Market here and has matched its starting bid of 1000 SOUL. The auction goes on until 3/27/2021.  If you’re a collector this could be your chance to own a historic music NFT from the first Italian musicians to have ever done it.

Romanian Music Producer ‘Matei’ Experiences Early Success from Music NFT’s

“I can tell you a little story. I was looking into this NFT stuff, because I was getting quite into crypto and thought it would be fun to mint some of my music, and I was looking for the best place to mint and sell. I saw GhostMarket on this reddit post, so I thought I’d check it out. I minted an EP that I just released and put it up for bidding, thinking there was no way anyone will buy it, but to my surprise there was already a bid on it within a day for 150 SOUL. The next day I decided to mint another album that I made a while ago and came up with 3 different rarities for the album, each containing different exclusive content. For example, the GOLD one had an extra music video and an extra track. To my surprise there was a bid for this one as well for 300 SOUL and then I realized I made more money in two days on GhostMarket than in a year on streaming platforms. I think that I was very lucky to find GhostMarket because the minting price is insanely cheap, the Phantasma chain is extremely innovative and the community is great. I’m Romanian but studying in the Netherlands.”

- MATEI - Music Producer, Romania

The Music Ministry

The Music Ministry LLC is built of dedicated artists who carry over 60 years of combined experience in the live music and recording industry. Every agent on our team has performed in multiple touring circuits in North America and has suffered the hardships endemic to life in the music industry. We now have come together to stand as an alliance for creative minds searching for the path forward in this new world. The Music Ministry LLC has a full understanding of the NFT minting process and wishes to contribute to the evolution of the music industry.  

Our initiative with the elite programmers at the Phantasma Blockchain,, and House of NFT can help everyone understand the minting process and become financially independent. We believe that this renaissance period is the place in time where the creative visionary minds can finally take power back into our own hands, changing the guise of the mental health crisis, the economic crisis, and the environmental crisis we are facing today.  

This isn’t about getting rich quickly. We all have a choice. Rise up and learn, or let it all burn. Teaming up with One Tree Planted, every minted work from The Music Ministry LLC will donate a percentage of the royalties to help do our part in their global reforestation efforts.  

Visit our website: The Music Ministry LLC

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