5 NFT Projects You Need to Know About

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As the conversation about NFT’s continues its meteoric rise, there is a lot of talk about the digital collectible. For those newcomers who are choosing to delve a little deeper than NBA Top Shot, they’re quickly learning that the NFT space is already relatively crowded with a lot of interesting projects. As all of you start to delve deeper into the scene and discover a myriad of experiences that put on display the creative way NFT technology can be approached, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and identify the ones that you should truly be paying attention to.

Thankfully, you’ve got me. As a digital collector for the past 6 years, I’ve seen the industry evolve in a lot of interesting ways, and being able to identify a project's trajectory is never a sure thing. However, there are some key attributes that I look for when I’m choosing where I am going to invest next.

What do I look for?

It’s important to note that when I say invest, I don’t mean just financially; I also mean emotionally. (To be clear, this isn’t financial advice) Those two main ways in which I connect with a project, whether that’s a game, digital collectible, or art, are key pillars in choosing the next community I jump into.

Community, in fact, is another metric that I pay close attention to. A project with a strong community presence is typically a good sign. When a project lead and their team are active on social, quick to respond to inquiries, clear in their intent and goal, it brings a dynamic that is severely lacking in AAA experiences and exactly why it means so much in the decentralized space.

Where should we start?

Now that you know a little bit of the how and why, what is it about these five projects that stand out the most? In all cases, I see longevity, strong community, and a strong ‘IP.’ For specifics, let’s break them down!

Note; this list is intended for those relatively new to the space. There is an abundance of excellent NFT experiences, but honestly speaking, the barrier of entry to most is a bit clunky and difficult at this time. I intend to shed light on easily accessible projects that I think apply to a wide audience, specifically those with a low barrier of entry. If you’re already comfortable with what you’re doing, check out my BONUS mention at the end for advanced collectors.

5. Ben Mauro’s EVOLUTION - A Collectible Card Game on FLOW

4. Decentraland - A Metaverse

3. Bitcoin Origins - The history of Bitcoin told through a collecting experience on WAX

2. KOGS on WAX

1. Nifty Gateway

BONUS: B20 - Own a piece of Beeple’s epic first drop

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