NFTs Are Changing Artist's Lives: CNNNR's Story

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My name is CNNNR, and I'm a visual artist. I use many mediums to channel my creativity; some examples are photography, videography, graphic design, VFX, and 3D. Although these mediums seem ultra-modern, my upbringing was actually pretty alternative and nature-centric. I grew up in rural Interior Alaska. We had a small cabin in Denali National Park without running water, surrounded by mountains and tundra.

Both of my parents were nomadic to their core, and it only took a few years of attempted settling down for us to pull up roots and leave Alaska for the road. My dad hitchhiked to Alaska from Iowa to escape the inevitability of the Midwest, and my mom left life in the Bronx behind for a great adventure. We traveled all over the U.S., and as I got older, I took on Europe. This instilled in me a feeling of security and comfort around a seemingly insecure and jarring experience. Learned values combined with an intrinsic draw towards nature granted me solace and fulfillment in exploring new and foreign ideas in my art and otherwise while representing my home state and its beauty.

When I first found out about NFTs, I was living in a trailer. NFTs were a way for me to capitalize on my work as a new way to live and take care of myself. My first drop was a collaboration with @femzor. I believe that NFTs will be the new paradigm shift for us creators where we can support one another while allowing artists to maintain leverage. I do, however, believe the issue of energy consumption does need to be talked about more often as Alaskan nature is dear to me. I think it's important that we do our best to solve the environmental impact caused by the immense energy used in exchanging cryptocurrencies.

NFTs bring art to their most pure form. It's not there to hold but rather exist. NFTs will be huge in granting me the ability to support myself and hopefully commit all my creativity to just art without the thought of struggling for money. It will bring out my true creative side, not just for me but for all artists.

In the future, I really hope I will be able to use this space to help give back to my family and friends that supported me along the way. This is a number one goal for me. Once I am able to do that, I really look forward to building a house in Alaska, where I know I will always have a home in a place near and dear to my heart. I would also like to continue my travels halted by COVID-19 and visit Japan, Thailand, Argentina, and Iceland. I often find traveling is the best way to get perspective and fuel my creativity. 

In terms of projects, I will be continuing my explorations in escapism and futurism, as these are the influences that nature has awoken in me as an artist. 

You can view my work on Foundation, Bitski, and my website.

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