“Probably Nothing” Educational NFT Podcast Launches Today October 21, 2021

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As society begins to better understand Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the value they hold, curiosity spikes. This curiosity leads people to search for a resource where they can find out more about the technology and all the opportunities that are so abundant in the NFT space.

Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Seven Seven Six and Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Reddit, is teaming up with Tiffany Zhong, Founder and CEO of Islands to launch a new one-stop podcast for NFT news, in-depth analysis, and interviews with industry leaders and market experts.

The Probably Nothing podcast pairs two different perspectives from leading voices in the NFT space. Gen Z Whisperer (Tiffany Zhong) and Millennial (Alexis Ohanian) come together to talk about the future of content, community, commerce, culture, and anything else related to NFTs.

Probably Nothing will serve as an educational and NFT-news focused media brand determined to deliver thoughtful commentary and entertaining interviews with some of the most respected experts and enthusiasts in the industry today. Even more so, Alexis and Tiffany will be letting listeners in on all the latest NFT trends and projects across the space.

There is a lot of information and data when it comes to NFTs. According to data collected by, NFT sales range anywhere from 15,000 to more than 250,000 per week with $244m in sales in this past week and $1.84b in sales in the past month. That’s why the Probably Nothing podcast aims to be your go-to resource for information on projects and case studies.

“The technology behind NFTs is very real. What we're seeing right now is one use of this technology—a canvas—and the emerging community of collectors that has already had a huge impact on the art world. I'm asked every day by people—from emerging artists and technologists, to A-list celebrities and multi-billion dollar brands—about how they should be thinking about the space,” said Alexis Ohanian. “Working with Tiffany, this podcast will educate the public on the current trends, dive into the history of NFTs, and bring guests on to help us define where this is headed."

Alexis Ohanian has years of experience not only with collecting and investing in NFTs, but also with the companies that support the development of NFT communities and creator monetization platforms.

Tiffany Zhong, founder and CEO of Islands, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure, is also a big NFT collector and crypto enthusiast OG, planting her roots in the space all the way back in 2017. Tiffany is also a leading voice as the Gen Z Whisperer, providing valuable insight on trends and market behavior. 

“NFTs have applications everywhere from games to fine art to collectibles and everyone is trying to become the next big thing in the space,” said Tiffany Zhong, Founder and CEO, Islands. “Probably Nothing gives you a front-row seat to where the industry is going. We keep you informed of the latest trends across NFTs and serve as an interactive portal to the most interesting minds in the space and highlight some of the coolest projects and case studies happening right now.”

Upcoming guests on the podcast includes several notable NFT leaders and enthusiasts such as:

  • Bobby Hundreds - Entrepreneur, Founder of Adam Bomb Squad (NFT Project) and The Hundreds 
  • Rachel Webber - CMO of Playboy 
  • Keith Grossman - President of TIME 
  • Michelle Phan - Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Influencer, Investor 
  • Wengie - YouTuber, Influencer (30M+ global followers), Founder of Nyan Heroes (NFT P2E Game) 
  • Noah Davis - Christie's NFT Lead  
  • Justin Aversano - Artist, Founder of Twin Flames (NFT Project with $15M+ total volume) 
  • Cooper Turley - Founder of DAO called Friends with Benefits $FWB, DAO Creator and Community Leader 
  • Farokh Sarmad - NFT Investor & Influencer 
  • ThankYouX - Artist, Phillips auction with Hans Zimmer 
  • Jacob Martin - Prominent attorney in NFTs and DAOs, Founder of ReadyPlayerDAO
  • Gmoney - NFT Investor & Influencer, GP at Delphi INFINFT (NFT Fund) 
  • Zaptio - Founder of RTFKT (NFT Project & Company with $15M+ total volume)

You can find all the new episodes which will air weekly and be hosted at

If you have been searching for the next best resource regarding valuable information on NFTs, Probably Nothing is it! Join Alexis and Tiffany as they take you on their own journey through the NFT space, and share others’ stories along the way.

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