Robert Mondavi and Bernardaud Team Up on First of Its Kind Winery NFT

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Robert Mondavi x Bernardaud

Despite the ubiquity of NFT-headlines surrounding pixelated avatars and other 2D art, these projects are far from the only use-case for the burgeoning technology. NFT tech is essentially just a means of recording transactions on the blockchain, so you could really tie ownership of pretty much anything to a digital token. So how about buying a limited-edition porcelain wine bottle from one of the most iconic wineries in the world?

The Robert Mondavi x Bernardaud NFT Collection

Robert Mondavi Winery is one of the most respected and successful wineries of the modern era, and today they're launching a first of its kind partnership with French luxury porcelain house Bernardaud. The collaboration is taking the form of a limited series of 1,966 porcelain 1.5L wine bottles containing custom wine blends from Napa Valley’s legendary To Kalon® Vineyard, all purchasable only through today's generative art NFTs.

Robert Mondavi x Bernardaud

The collection, entitled “MCMLXVI," is a nod to the year the brand was founded, 1966. By tying the purchases to an NFT, this partnership is revolutionizing the world of wine collecting and NFTs generally, demonstrating the vast array of use cases for the technology outside of those most highly publicized.

Each wine purchase corresponds with a piece of original digital art created by Clay Heaton, and each token will serve as a "key" to redeeming the wine bottles, exclusive winery experiences and insider access to future offerings. Additionally, the purchasing mechanic unlocks a new use case for NFT tech, allowing holders to authenticate the wine via the blockchain.

Generative art has been one of the most interesting emerging elements of the NFT world, combining algorithmic intelligence with creators' visions to generate a whole new genre of art. Browse through a preview of the NFTs below.

Artwork by Clay Heaton for Robert Mondavi Winery x Bernardaud

Artwork by Clay Heaton for Robert Mondavi Winery x Bernardaud

Artwork by Clay Heaton for Robert Mondavi Winery x Bernardaud

How to get the MCMLXVI Tokens:

The tokens will be available for purchase beginning today, December 15th, at 1pm EST at via either fiat dollars or ETH. Buyers will receive the digital artwork immediately, and the wine bottles themselves are expected to ship in September of 2022.

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