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The opportunities opened up by minting NFTs are absolutely endless. We’ve already seen the proliferation of minting highlights as NFTs through platforms like Top Shot, but the sky is the limit when it comes to athletes capitalizing on their brand in exciting new ways allowed by Web 3.0. 

One of the NBA’s hottest players—Pelicans’ All-Star Zion Williamson—and SLAM have gotten together to create a killer NFT drop, including two of the magazine’s iconic covers featuring the young New Orleans hooper. The project is comprised of four limited-edition versions of the two covers: Basic, Gold, Gold Autographed, and a 1-of-1 Platinum Autographed. The SLAM x ZION collection also includes some digital NFT basketballs, created exclusively for the drop.

The project is being auctioned on OpenSea from Friday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 4th. For all the info on price and quantities available of each edition, check out OpenSea’s official announcement of the project. Take a look at all of the editions of the two covers and the special edition basketball NFT below:

This drop is the cherry on top of a long symbiotic relationship between the iconic basketball brand and former high school phenom-turned NBA All-Star. SLAM has been covering Williamson since the early days of his career, making Zion an ideal candidate for the historic crossover. Speaking to OpenSea, Williamson said: “Through this drop, we hope to deepen our connection with basketball fans, while creating a unique opportunity for them to get in on the action and own a piece of history.”

NFTs allow fans to get more involved in their sports fandom. The SLAM x ZION collaboration is an amazing opportunity for both NBA fans and digital art collectors; it's a major moment for the NFT-sports world, signaling what kinds of opportunities may continue to open up for athletes to mint recognizable imagery from their careers.

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