Sotheby's Announces Collaboration With Digital Artist Pak

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Noam Galai / Getty Images

Hot off the heels of the closing of digital artist Beeple's auction with Christie's last week, Sotheby's is getting in on the action. In a tweet early Tuesday morning, the legendary auction house announced that they would be teaming up with Pak, a leading digital artist in the NFT space. Details about the collaboration are still fairly scarce, but it's fair to assume that they'll be offering some sort of drop with the mysterious artist.

Pak has been one of the highest-selling NFT artists, with numerous record-breaking sales on the platform SuperRare. It's unclear exactly what form his collaboration with Sotheby's will take, but the announcement signals what's to come for digital artists. The line between digital art and traditional visual art is blurring; major auction houses getting in on the action shows that even members of the art world's old guard are coming around to the potential of digital art.

Pak is an artist who is still pretty shrouded in mystery. According to Sotheby's website announcement, "Pak is now exploring uncharted territories, experimenting with new forms of creation and communication." The announcement was coupled with a deeply cryptic video, a 24-second clip of a black screen briefly emboldened with a circle, accompanied by an eerie soundscape.

It's unclear what kind of pieces Pak will release through Sotheby's, but we'll be waiting patiently to see what happens. Keep your eyes on the Sotheby's social and Pak's Twitter to stay up to date.

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