RTFKT's "Space Drip" Takes Meme Culture to the Next Level

The Among Us-inspired project was created in conjunction with Loopify

space drip mobile
RTFKT - "Space Drip"

RTFKT has been innovating in the NFT space in a huge way. The next gen studio / crypto brand recently pulled off a massively successful collaboration with FEWOCiOUS and now they're back at it again, this time bringing together a whopping 18 artists for the next project.

The collaborative project from RTFKT and Loopify, titled "Space Drip," was born out of the Among Drip meme that RTFKT inadvertently created and then blew up thanks to the guy who runs the Among Drip twitter account. They'll be giving the runner 20k out of the drop for his help. "Space Drip" has given a ton of artists of different mediums opportunities to create their own Among Us-style skins. Many of the original skin renderings were 2D, and then the minds behind RTFKT have worked tirelessly to convert them into 3D animations.

Their test launch of the project on Friday, which featured a "failed" rocket take off, revealed that the true release would take place today, March 29th at 12pm PT on their website. Each of the 100 capsules available today will cost .5 ETH.

One of the most unique things about this drop is how it's releasing mechanically. Loosely modeled after the CS: GO loot box functionality, each capsule will be available to purchase without knowing which skin is inside. Then the buyer will have the option to resell the mysterious capsule, or open it up to find out what's inside. Another cool aspect of the drop is how the artists will be paid: a rev share is shared equally between all participating creators, regardless of their popularity / market price. Here's a list of all the artists involved:

There are so many absolutely mind-boggling skins to browse through, take a look at the full collection below. Whether you want to open the capsule to get your eyes on your prize or hold on/resell, it's an unbelievable opportunity to get involved and support some amazing artists.

space drip 0001 ArnoKiss
ArnoKiss / RTFKT

space drip 0003 CORY
Cory Van Lew / RTFKT

space drip 0002 CLEGFX

space drip 0009 LOOPIFY
Loopify / RTFKT

space drip 0015 Zaid
Zaid Kirdsey / RTFKT

space drip 0016 ZWIST
Zwist / RTFKT

space drip 0010 MGXS

space drip 0013 sean williams
Sean Williams / RTFKT

space drip 0011 ODIOUS drip
Odious / RTFKT

space drip 0012 petiofix
Petio / RTFKT

space drip 0014 VIII

space drip 0006 ERIC Faure
eric.lefaure / RTFKT

space drip 0008 JaidenDrip
Jaiden / RTFKT

space drip 0005 Equinoz
Equinoz / RTFKT

space drip 0004 DelaDeso
DelaDeso / RTFKT

space drip 0000 Ben Mauro
Ben Mauro / RTFKT

space drip 0007 JonathanWolfe
Jonathan Wolfe / RTFKT

defaced space drip
Defaced / RTFKT

Everything about this drop is a game-changer. From the rev share model to the loot box mechanic to the "failed" test launch, RTFKT is demonstrating time and time again that they are innovators in the NFT art space. This first launch will feature 100 capsules, but there will eventually be 1,000 total, following in batches after this launch. I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next.

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