Check Out STREETSCAPES by L’Atelier des Camions, a Global NFT Art Collection

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L'Atelier des Camions

Digital art collections have been hugely successful in launching NFT artwork to the spotlight; take a look at the success of CryptoPunks or MoonCats, for example. L’Atelier des Camions is aiming to create a global community of artists, and is capitalizing on the burgeoning world of NFT art collections with their project, STREETSCAPES. The project is comprised of imagery from Pixel Pasta’s project, CryptoTrucks, coupled with numerous backgrounds for the animated vehicles to “drive across.”

Multiple artists worked on the project, ranging from the fashion industry to academia. Bernise Wong from New York, Wai Kit Lam from Hong Kong, Hubert Lengdorfer from Austria, Deborah Rogers from Australia, Solomon Kifle from Ethiopia and Nejal Mehta from India all worked to create different landscapes for the animations. You can see the full list of artists here. L’Atelier des Camions (“The Truck Workshop” in English) is made up of 50 digital art pieces that each take you for a drive in somewhere totally different around the world. Each of the animations is totally unique, with its own truck design by Pixel Pasta, a myriad of reeling landscapes, their own individual story, and even a complementary film score. Every animation is its own experience. 

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